New 265 day highs

New 265 day highs

Auhor: shoee63

Searches for stocks making new 52 week highs.

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ludo6977 it's very good job léo
Mick3y Is there a way to sort the results by price? Let's say just return stocks under X price? Thanks
Leo I do not focus so much in screeners. You can see our progress in the forum. Cheers
3 weeks ago
gabri Hello, I am not sure to understand the screener completely. If you are looking for a screen...
Trading_En_El_Ibex35 El screener no busca acciones que estén en máximos absolutos , busca acciones en las que el...
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Alex975 Grazie della dritta.. testerò il tutto.
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gabri I am not sure I understand what you mean?
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Rafa I have just realized is not finished yet. If we want to make it complete, we need to compare...
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Rafa Thanks a lot.. Best regards  
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Pocket Pivot screener
Pocket Pivot screener
inavsan ¿Puede ser que estén cambiados los conceptos alcista y bajista?
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Nicolas All conditions under parenthesis for the c1 to c4 conditions should be inverted. 
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Nicolas Private personal assistance is possible through the programming services. Otherwise, you cou...
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