Candlestick pattern indicator 2.0

Candlestick pattern indicator 2.0

This indicator recognizes 56 candlestick patterns and draw their names with green and red arrows on chart:
•Evening star
•Morning star
•Shooting star
•Inverted hammer
•Bearish harami
•Bearish harami cross
•Bullish harami
•Bullish harami cross
•Descending Hawk
•Homing Pigeon
•Bearish engulfing
•Bullish engulfing
•Last engulfing bottom
•Last engulfing top
•Piercing line
•Hanging man
•Dark cloud cover
•Abandoned baby bottom
•Three White soldiers
•Three Inside Up
•Three Outside Up
•Concealing Baby Swallow
•Dragonfly Doji Bottom
•Gravestone Doji Bottom
•Three Stars in the South
•Bullish Breakaway
•Rising Three Methods
•Bullish Three Line Strike
•Bullish Mathold
•Abandoned Baby Top
•Three Black Crows
•Three Inside Down
•Three Outside Down
•Upside Gap Two Crows
•Dragonfly Doji Top
•Gravestone Doji Top
•Advance Block
•Two Crows
•Bearish Breakaway
•Falling Three Methods
•Bearish Three Line Strike
•Bearish Mathold
•Windows (Gaps Up & Gaps Down)
•Bull Sash
•Bull Separating Line
•Bullish Counter Attack
•Bear Sash
•Bear Separating Line
•Bearish Counter Attack
•Tweezers Top
•Tweezers Bottom
•Bullish Kicker
•Bearish Kicker

Since Candlesticks have a meaning only if related to the underlying trend, at the beginning of the code there is also the possibility to change the method used to identify the “trend direction”
(0=No Trend check, 1=MACD, 2=SAR, 3=Directional Movement, 4=Moving Averages crossing [default], 5=Stochastic)

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  1. quibe56 • 06/03/2019 #

    bonjour ,
    à priori beaucoup de fautes de syntaxe !!!

    • Ciccio • 06/03/2019 #

      There are no syntax errors and the indicator works.
      Could you be more precise?

  2. nfulcher • 06/03/2019 #

    How do I make these appear on the Price Chart rather than on its own indicator chart? Thanks.

    • nfulcher • 06/03/2019 #

      Just found this on another post.

  3. Stallios • 06/03/2019 #

    It would be interesting if you can choose which candlestick patterns you want to display on the chart and which not.

  4. Sagal • 06/03/2019 #

    Just remove the ones you don’t want from the code…

  5. Sagal • 06/03/2019 #

    I would (and I had) reverse the direction of the arrow and the color of the arrow for: “last top or last bottom engulfing”. Most of time (more than 65%) they act more as a continuation than a reversal pattern. From a small sample on commodities, it is also my impression. But that’s me…

  6. Sagal • 06/03/2019 #

    Same for advance block (more often a continuation)

  7. avatar
    thebigdeal • 06/03/2019 #

    hello sagal i would like to work with you directly for me please, is it possible ?? I have a job for you
    1) improve you patern indicator
    2) when i put i in PRT i see a error code …

  8. eckaw • 06/03/2019 #

    Hi Cicco, thanks for this code – it’s great! I was wondering if there is a way to integrate a MTF trend filter, so that the indicator would only show bearish candles if the trend is bearish (for example with a Supertrend) on a higher timeframe. For example: bearish only signals on 15m TF when Supertrend is bearish on 1h TF.

    • Ciccio • 06/03/2019 #

      Unfortunately I am not such an expert.
      I use this “pattern indicator” only as a visual help…. nothing more.

  9. dougie80 • 06/03/2019 #

    Thanks for the code, very helpful, can anyone tell me how I can set an alert on the appearance of a candle stick alert? Thanks

  10. rmaxlomb • 06/03/2019 #
  11. Sanglier • 06/03/2019 #

    hello and thanks for the code.
    i dont understand what the “W” means on the graph ?

    • Ciccio • 06/03/2019 #

      It means “Window” that is a Gap

  12. SniZe • 06/03/2019 #

    first of all, thank you !
    Is this code available for an extern project ? if yes, in which language did you write it ?

    • Nicolas • 06/03/2019 #

      this code is only available here and in ProBuilder language to be used exclusively with ProRealTime.

  13. BeverlyRose75 • 06/03/2019 #

    What a job! Thank you very much :))

  14. Ciccio • 321 days ago #

    Could you please fix the image that is not appearing on top of this thread?
    I cannot edit it.
    You have only to use the race-daily.png that is attached
    Thanks in advance

  15. Alexey Djafarov • 80 days ago #

    Great work! Thank you!
    For the complete “Three inside up” and “Three inside down” there should be a small change. The t+3 candle must close above the t+1 open for the Three inside up and vis versa for the opposite pattern.

    ThreeInsideUp=(body[2]0 and body>0 and BullishHarami[1] and close>close[1])
    ThreeInsideDown=(body[2]>0 and body[1]<0 and body<0 and bearishharami[1] and close<close[1])

    should be changed to:

    ThreeInsideUp=(body[2]0 and body>0 and BullishHarami[1] and close>close[1] and close>open[2])
    ThreeInsideDown=(body[2]>0 and body[1]<0 and body<0 and bearishharami[1] and close<close[1]and close<open[2])

  16. Ciccio • 79 days ago #

    I am asking again to some Mod/Nicolas if they can add at the beginning of this thread the “race-daily.png” image attached at the end of the code.
    It was there but for some unkown reasons it got deleted.
    I cannot do anything.

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