Seasonality Curve

Seasonality Curve

This indicator can analyse any section of historical data day by day and produce a seasonality curve for it.

Set the starting date for the data to be analysed with the variable StartDate.

Set the end date for the data to be analysed with the variable EndDate.

Set either to zero if you don’t want a start or end date.

The highest and lowest points in the seasonality curve are highlighted. You can turn this off with the ‘HighAndLow’ setting.

You can also choose whether the calculations are done simply on price change or on the change as a percentage of price. The latter helps make a more direct comparison between older historical data and more recent data. Switch this on and off with the ‘Percentage’ setting.

The month labels indicate where a month starts.

The indicator only works on PRT v11 and must be applied to the daily chart only.

As it is possible to analyse different sections of history we can break our data into different samples and then directly compare them to see if there truly is seasonality. In the image there are three charts analysing Lean Hogs. The top one is analysing all the pre 1995 data back to the early 1960’s and the middle one all data from 1995 to the present day. the bottom one is analysing all the data for both periods. We can see that all the charts are pretty similar so it appears that lean hogs at least have some seasonality to them.

I advise importing the ITF file to get full functionality.

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  1. Rocketship • 03/26/2020 #

    There seems to be a syntax error in the code.

    • Nicolas • 03/26/2020 #

      Code compatible only for ProRealTime version 11, it will not work for any prior version due to the use of variables arrays.

  2. christophe11560 • 03/26/2020 #

    bonjour , j’ai la version V11 mais ne marche pas non plus?

  3. JohnScher • 03/26/2020 #

    Which index/ FX do we see in the picture? Can you put the curve for the Dax in here?

    • Vonasi • 03/26/2020 #

      It is Lean Hogs as it says in the description. It is not possible to post images in these library posts so I suggest getting a PRTv11 end of day account and testing the indicator on the DAX using that.

    • JohnScher • 03/26/2020 #

      Okay. Thanks. I opened an end-of-day on ProRealTime. Imported your indicator and got this result for the Dax. You are attached to the screenshot.
      Please can you check if the curve looks the same for you. I have my doubts about myself that I did everything right.

  4. JohnScher • 03/26/2020 #

  5. Vonasi • 03/26/2020 #

    I don’t know what start date or end date you used or whether you used price or percentage of price so I cannot recreate your test. There is not much that you can do wrong! I advise testing various start and end date periods to see if the seasonality curves are similar to confirm if there is any true seasonality.

  6. klaus_reum • 03/26/2020 #

    Many thanks for that great tool. nevertheless, I am struggling with the time range. I tried to show three seasonality curves as in your example but one shall show the graph for a time from 2000 till 2010 the other for 2010 till 2020 and the third for the time before 2000. The problem I see is that all three curves are looking similar. Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?

  7. ipbvba • 166 days ago #

    idem ne fonctionne pas sur V11 (meme avec real time data), import OK mais aucune courbe dans l’indicateur ne s’affiche

  8. Ciccarelli Franco • 125 days ago #

    I’m new to the Market, I imported the code, but I don’t see anything, there is an empty box and at the base there are the selected dates.
    Thank you

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