Halftrend MACD

Halftrend MACD

Here i have made a kind of MACD indicator from the halftrend indicator from the Great NICOLAS, after the improvement from him , I want to shared with everybody.

The histogram is made from the difference of 2 HalfTrend indicator (one long and one short period), then a signal line, built with an average of 6 periods of the histogram values is added.

Trades signals are the same than a normal MACD: long position when the histogram is crossing the zero line, short order when the histogram cross the zero level. The signal line can act the same, any crosses made with the histogram could result as an new order on market:

  • short signal when the signal line cross above the histogram and above the zero level
  • long signal when the signal line cross below the histogram and below the zero level


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  1. supertiti • 249 days ago #

    amplitude 1.2.3  = ( 2-6-30 ) or (1-1-27) ?

  2. LUCASSEN • 249 days ago #

    Hallo Supertiti
    Macd amplitude=1-1-27    and    prc halftrend triple in Heikin Ashi  grafiek amplitude =2-6-10
    greetings Lucassen

  3. supertiti • 249 days ago #

    Thanks you so much Lucassen

  4. dreif123 • 56 days ago #

    hi, copied the above code, not working on 10.3
    the system says “return can only be used at proBuilder….what do i have todo ?

  5. LUCASSEN • 56 days ago #

    Hallo , i have no problem , and i have the same versie 10.3, maybe you can ask Nicolas, that men nows a lot over indicators.
    greetings Lucassen

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