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    Hi all, i came up with this idea for my <= 4h systems and got some interesting results testing it out, nothing amazing but definitly interesting results.

    So the idea is that you run my “Force” indicator on a higher timeframe (4h,8h,12h,daily,weekly) and u ask for Force >= n1 and Force <= n2

    As i was building this i thought “maybe someone else has thought about the same thing in the forums” so here i am, anyone using a good filter on higher timeframes that they would like to share?

    Was also thinking about same filter but maybe with RSI and a moving average of it.


    Also aware that u can write this alot shorter, but after attempt #5 i said “fuck it” and just wrote it as basic as can be.

    Btw i have very little experience in coding in probuilder so please check this code to see if its actually doing what u want it to do! I might have still fucked something up lol.

    Set T1 to 20 or whatever u want.

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    Thank you for sharing!

    I’ve added a link to here 

    Snippet Link Library

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    Here’s another way to achieve the same thing. It took three attempts so I was getting close to the ‘f**k it’ moment!


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    In fact with some simple modifications of this version you can check for more levels being passed and so get a very different return for force. More to optimize!


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    I couldn’t resist playing with it a little bit more. I added start, end and step variables for the STD levels and also a variable to allow different average types to be tested. Now we can optimize a whole bunch of variables! I also added rising and falling colour to the line.

    I can post it to the library if you want me to Jebus89 – obviously co-crediting you with the idea!


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    Thank You Vonasi for working on it more … I must try these in a Strategy!

    I have added below to the entry in Snippet Library

    Also 3 more versions by Vonasi

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    The latest version of vonasi is fine 😉


    1. Force.itf
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    swapping – Thanks for adding the ITF file – I modified line 2 in the post as technically the code is mine and the idea is Jebus89’s.

    In answer to Jebus89’s original question I do recall coding something similar once before for a strategy that checked how many averages in a row a closing price closed under or over and then adjusted position size based on this. I don’t think that I ever put it in live demo as some of the draw downs were massive – but that is averaging down for you!

    Maybe the idea needs revisiting on standard deviations of other indicators on longer time frames as a  market sentiment filter as suggested by Jebus89.

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    Great! Fantastic job Vonasi, have been busy all weekend but im looking forward to testing out your code 🙂 Im glad u like my idea.


    Whole thought process behind this was “do i really want to do a mean reversion trade, if price on higher timeframe is already at an extreme point”  similar to “do i want to buy this breakout if price on higher timeframe is already above an important breakout/below an important breakout level”


    Im gonna tinker on more ideas regarding this, thought being if you can analyze where price is in the current timeframe, you should probably analyze a higher timeframe to make sure you are where you want to take the trade, in multiple timeframes.


    Edit: add it to the library if you want to 🙂

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    Some similarity with Multi Z-Score analysis

    Few points in an area represent a very abnormal behavior of price related to its distribution.

    You should add this new indicator to the library!

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    Buenas tardes, no se si podre ayudar,agregarlo en conjunto con el rsi es una buena opción, una sma21 junto a otro indicador de fuerza adx niveles di/-di entre 20/26..realmente llamativo.. Me gustaría que alguien lo probara.. porque yo soy incapaz de programarlo.. Sma 21 en conjunto cruce 20/26di/-di..

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    Jose Carlos – English only in the English forums please.

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