Bear and Bull volume indicator

Bear and Bull volume indicator

This code is mainly for Wyckoffians and can be used in accumulation/distribution phases to spot the change of forces.

The volume bars are showing who is stronger in the period defined in the timeframe (more green means that bulls are running the show, in this case, in the weekly period).

The moving averages are showing the same information but based on an historical point of view (when the bull line crosses over the bear line bulls are becoming stronger in the longer period).

I suggest to use a period of 22 or more and always based on the timeframe in use.

Blue skies!!


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  1. swapping • 9 days ago #

    very interesting, thank you gabri

  2. supertiti • 9 days ago #

    Bonjour a tous,

    Au vu de la disparite des histogramme ne peut-on pas ramener cet indicateur sur une echelle de 0 a 100
    pour avoir une idee plus precise de l evolution des bulls and bears
    ¡ Nicolas devrait pouvoir nous le faire ! ?

  3. supertiti • 1 day ago #

    manque de temps ou impossible de ramener cet indicateur sur une echelle de 0 à 100 ?

  4. gabri • 1 day ago #

    //stocperiod= period of choice


    return sto

  5. supertiti • 24 hours ago #

    Bear and Bull Volume %
    //stocperiod= period of choice


    return sto

    Buonasera Gabri apparentemente codifica come non funziona ?!
    stocperiod = 50

  6. gabri • 23 hours ago #

    if close>=open then
    //media volumi rossi e verdi per media mobile semplice

    stocperiod= 100

    return sto

  7. gabri • 23 hours ago #

    Prorealcode sometimes cuts the codes, I hope it works now

  8. supertiti • 7 hours ago #

    Hello Gabri

    This is not what I would like because we do not distinguish the strength of red and green histograms (their junction reported on a scale of 0 to 100 showing us the trend)

    the idea is to induce the trend by the biased volumes of the indicator.

    thank you for your support

    have a good day

  9. gabri • 4 hours ago #

    I am not sure I understand what you mean.

  10. supertiti • 6 mins ago #

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