%B Bollinger

%B Bollinger

Bollinger oscillator

This is an extension of Bollinger bands. It shows the relative position of the closing price of the candle relative to the bands.

Zero value equals to a close on the lower bound. 50 value equals to a close on the Bollinger moving average. Finally, 100 value equals to a close on the upper bound.

This is an oscillator that provides overbought / oversold signals over 100 and under 0 levels. Divergences with price levels may be profited upon.

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  1. Dymjohn • 10/12/2015 #

    I don’t understand the maths of the width calculation in the above does it represent 2 above the average and 2 below the average. I was trying to amend the code for a 2.3 std but don’t come up with the same answer as provided by %b in standard indicators. Can anyone help please?
    For information I attach my attempt
    // Bollinger Band Oscillator
    delta = close-bollingerdown
    width = 4.6*std
    BBO = delta*100/width
    RETURN BBO AS \"bb Oscillator 2.3

  2. PEDRAM.JOKAR • 10/12/2015 #

    i also have same question. pls advise on how can have Bollinger B%(50,3)?

  3. Laurent • 10/12/2015 #

    Hi Nicolas
    There’s a problem to download file (400 Bad Request)
    Thanks for the indicator and have a nice day

    • Nicolas • 10/12/2015 #

      Hi, I fixed this issue. You can now download the file without any error.

  4. Laurent • 10/12/2015 #

    Thanks a lot

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