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    Thanks….i tried to optimized it…..

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    Thank you so much guys. Those graphics are really attractive!

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    Thank you all for an amazing job. Well done!

    What is the best way to optimize it for a new instrument?

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    good question, the answer can go many ways!

    For the dax I first determined 2% stoploss and timezone 8-22h & no weekend position but have overnight and to test with tradetype=1 with re-entry on and always no MM. If using a 2% stoploss, just use the trailing stop at 0.5% or 1% but don’t optimise other variables. Put all other exit criteria off.

    Focus on the settings of vectorial and the angles.

    Then finetine with stochastic rsi  indicator and perhaps the mr indicator.

    On the other hand perhaps it’s better to have a long & short strategy separated. It’s something to test.

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    Thanks. That is almost what I did.

    It’s OMX I’m trying on, but my result was horrible.

    I’ll give it another go and start optimizing from the back instead. Angle first, then vectorial. Or are you doing everything at once? Got too many combinations last time, so had to split it up.

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    I’ve been working on the dax, now on long only with 1% stoploss and no weekend position. Will take it look at omx too.

    Try not everything at once and focus on long only, 1% stoploss & reentry on.  Just take 25 as angle value, then optimise the vectorial averages. If something pops up, not necessary the highest payout, maybe more trades is better, narrow it down the range for optimising and add now only 1 angle and try again. Actually results should be good without the rsi.

    Long is a bit easier. Here’s what I got on the dax and to show what’s it’s like with mr indicator on/off

    btw check the flag numbers. Made a mistake in the end.


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    oke that was a bit messed up above, but here’s the file for the dow long only with updated mr, in fact I’ve added another one to see the difference using hours between 0-9 and/or with 8-9.



    1. DJ-3m-Vectorial-V3p4-L.itf
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    Hi @Paul. Thanks for sharing your work. I have one question. What is “mr” when you say in your last post : “…with my updated mr” ?

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    Hi Balmora74

    mr stand for market resilience indicator. here’s more info


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    @paisantrader, I played around a bit with the sys-05 vectorial -us100 v5.(1) code on OMX and got interesting backtest results. It might not be very robust though and honestly I don’t have a deep enough understanding of how the trailing stop and much of the code works. Mostly just optimized angle, nbChandelier and TP, SL…

    1. sys05-vect-OMX-gub.itf
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    Sharing is easy but it takes time to find something good. It nice to see another market popup. Thanks volpiemanuele

    In my case I focussed from the start between 8-22h.

    Hello Paul, looks like you optimised DAX version with Trailing Stop High/Low error still in the code.


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    Looks like all theses new versions got the %TrailingStop High/Low inversion error @Paul said and so were optimised with this mistake.

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    Yeah I see, or just use close as in the original.

    Gubben those are interesting results. Nice one. I’ve put 200k in pic. Maybe I try the settings in the new layout.

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    That looks very promising. Good job!

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    Thanks. I am certain there’s lots of room for improvement and optimization.

    BTW not sure I understood what part was wrong with the %TrailingStop – does it matter in these versions or does it only matter if you use breakeven?

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