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    As usual and for any major new version, ProRealTime first release beta version (aka test version) on their website: 

    “beta” means that it is limited to PRT customers, as a “privilege” to test new functionalities before everyone else. Once the beta is closed, brokers are able to ask for an upgrade.


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    Hello to the PRT community,


    I wonder if the following improvements are planned in the upcoming version of PRT?

    • Auto quantity with stop orders (and not only with limit orders)
    • Partial target limit orders (at the moment the only option for partially closing a position is to do it manually)

    Are there any news about this?

    Also, the version 11.1 will allow the use of indicators on non time-based charts (like renko). Will it be possible to synchronize drawings made on non time-based charts with time-base charts as well? In other words, if, for example, I draw a rectangle or a trendline or a fib retracement on a renko chart, will I be able to see it on a time-based chart? That is not possible at the moment.

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    Will it be possible to synchronize drawings made on non time-based charts with time-base charts as well?

    I don’t think that it is planned to be possible, but you should make a suggestion with the suggestion box:

    As for partial limit for automated trading, I tried to get update on that recently, but still no news for now.

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    Hoping for some good news about partial limit closing!

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    Hello and sorry for my english.

    about upcoming ver. 11

    is it possible to export data (ticprice, volume, custom-Indicator-value, or any indicator I can visualize) to a txt/csv file ?  It is usefull for external analysis (e.g. using Python script).

    Is it possible to import and draw data (e.g. significant price levels) from txt/csv file to platform ? Of course using specific format to drive it correctly.

    Is it available a graph rappresentation such daily volume profile (e.g. daily candlestick with near daily orizontal price distribution) ?


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    I was testing on v11 beta tonight and I notice that the Detailed Report result charts are not showing any more. Perhaps it is just a ‘turn it off and back on again’ sort of bug but I thought I would post it just in case everyone else is having the same issue and it is a beta bug that needs fixing.

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    is in the plan the access of bid/ask flow via code?

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    I noticed that some indicators do not work anymore with PRT11.

    Blai5 Titan


    Has anyone the same problem?

    Is there a solution?


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    Good afternoon,

    I would like to say if the new version 11 of Pro Real Time will support automatic trading based on Range Candles. At the moment it is not possible to insert any indicator in the trading system calculated on the range candles.

    Thanks in advance if someone will know how to answer.


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    Please speak english on english forums. You can use Google Translator, if needed.

    Thank you.

    I translated it for you.

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    The link you provided is not the same as the title you provided? What is the problem with the Blai5 Titan indicator please?


    It is now possible with version 11 to add any indicator to range candles chart. Automatic trading in real account is not possible yet, but I know that PRT is working on a solution for that (but dont expect it very soon).

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    Good morning Nicolas, I’ll try to explain better (I’m sorry, my previous message was too cryptic).

    I have a problem with 2 indicators and probably the problems are correlated. Both the indicators worked with prorealtime 10 and stopped working with prorealtime 11.

    A) Blai5 Titan :

    Prorealcode 11 plots wrong channels (cyan lines) – see attached image


    Prorealcode 11 does not plot the channels anymore


    Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks


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    It is not a problem in the code but a problem with the interpretation of it by version 11. You should send a technical report through the platform tool, thanks.

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    It seem that in V11 it is not still possible to have an automatic trading system running on fixed volume bars (or tick bars). Is it correct?
    Is there an intrinsic problem to have such automatic trading systems? Will you solve in the future?

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    Automatic trading on non-time dependent charts is planned, but still not present in the actual release of version 11.

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