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    Cursor mode and objects modifications

    In cursor mode, objects can be modified (without using a dedicated modification mode), making it easier and more comfortable to use them.

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    Object toolbar

    The object toolbar can also be displayed or hidden on all charting windows! This will allow you to access drawing tools and objects more quickly. The toolbar can be customized to display the tools that you use in the order that you want.

    The toolbar can also be customized to display the tools that you use in the order that you want.

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    Indicators on non time-based chart styles

    Non time-based chart styles such as Renko, Kagi or Point & Figure now allow you to display most indicators (on price and below the price).

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    Hi Nicolas

    There is a release date of ProRealTimeV11


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    Indicator support for renko will be something I will be looking forward too. Saves us a lot of complicated coding to create it ourselves

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    There is a release date of ProRealTimeV11

    Version 11 will be available in about 2 months, as a Beta version @


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    Indicators configuration made easier

    You can now display (or hide) the name of all indicators displayed on your charts, and quickly configure, hide or remove them by clicking on their titles.

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    great new features, thanks – looking forward to get that !

    One I’d very much appreciate (requested earlier on from support) : the ability to grey-out an object (buy/sell signal, resistance, etc…) once it has been “hit” / validated.

    For instance, I could “turn-off” (grey) a buy signal once I consider it has been used (acted upon, proven true, …). This buy signal would turn from its original Green to some Grey.

    This way, you visualize very fast what are the objects still “active” on a graph.

    note: I currently use the “arrow” to strike out such signals/objects – but that’s rather cumbersome ! Could provide a screenshot if it helps 🙂

    Thanks !

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    Configuration of multiple lines indicators

    Indicators with multiple lines can now be configured within a single window (colors, line size and thickness, lines displayed or hidden…). The same applies for color zones which can also be configured within a single window.

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    Will there be multitimeframe for indicators?

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    No MTF indicators for first version of PRT V11.

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    Move all windows all at once

    You can now move all windows on a single screen at once by using ctrl + clicking on the title bar. You can transfer multiple windows from one screen to another, then use the multi-window feature in the options menu to fit all windows to the new screen size

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    Il n’est pas prévu d’ajouter la possibilité de créer des ordres limites de clôture partielle de position?

    Cela est en effet très pénible de devoir le faire manuellement.

    Pour info, j’ai écrit il y a quelque temps à PRT pour soumettre cette suggestion.


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    Order ticket (order panel)

    The order ticket (manual entry of orders) has been redesigned. It now lets you enter orders much more quickly with less clicks required.

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    New shortcuts possibilities

    Many new shortcut possibilities. Assign shortcuts to:
    – place orders and change order quantity
    – load the template of your choice
    – open a new chart of the instrument of your choice
    – draw specific objects

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