The “Forex Renewal” code

The “Forex Renewal” code

Hello everyone,

I found this strategy on an ebook that I bought. The author claimed to have executed over 500 winning trades in a row.

Obviously this is completely unrealistic. But I figured the strategy coul be winning, however. So I decided to backtest this strategy.

It didn’t work well with the entry rules mentioned in the ebook, I have simplified these rules.

This strategy takes the breakout candle between 8:45 and 09H which defines a range. If a signal candle is completely out of the range, we take position in the direction of the trend, on break of the high / low of this signal candle. Only 1 trade per day. Do not trade if the breakout candle is more than 45 pips.

This strategy applies in M15 graphs, mainly on the EUR / USD, and also the GBP / USD.

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  1. david-1984 • 05/28/2016 #

    is it roubust? does it works on multiple forex?

  2. Pierreee • 05/28/2016 #

    What’s the name of the e-book please ?

  3. Doctrading • 05/28/2016 #

    No, I think it only works on EUR/USD and GBP/USD.
    As I said I did want to test this strategy, but it’s very far from being my best… anyway, I did post it because I think someone can really improve it.

  4. Pablo Carmona del Moral • 05/28/2016 #

    Hello doctor, in 5 minutes eur-usd development is good, I think it’s very good strategy, thank you very much for your contribution, looketh to improve it to see if I can

  5. Canale di Fill • 05/28/2016 #

    hello doctor …. publishes the trading system your best … I am curious to see the detailed report to compare it with mine. 🙂

  6. Doctrading • 05/28/2016 #

    Hello, my best trading systems are on my website ; but I don’t put the links here (as I don’t want to make advertising here).

  7. Doctrading • 05/28/2016 #

    Strange, it works fine for me, on each timeframe < 4H.
    I’m convinced that someone can improve this strategy.
    It’s a breakout strategy, those kind of setups can sometimes be profitable.
    But there is so much to test…

  8. Eric • 05/28/2016 #

    n = 3 
    dont forget to allow 3 contract in proorder

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