Trend trigger factor

Trend trigger factor

Trend Trigger Factor was described by M.H. Pee in the Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine in December, 2004.

From the author:

The TTF (Trend Trigger Factor) will help you long in an uptrend and short in an downtrend. This indicator allows you to follow the trend and capitalize on that rare nonrandom trend component of the markets. 

Basically it calculates range from highest high and lowest low on 2 different time periods: a recent one and an older one, called buypower and sellpower and then apply the formula:


to calculate the TTF.

The trend trigger is made with a fixed levels (that you can change in the setting), when the TTF is over the upper level, the trend is up and when it’s below the lower level, the trend is down.

In this version the TTF value is smoothed with a Wilson’s T3 average. It could be changed with your other preferred smoothing function if you want, just let me know..


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  1. mohamed • 08/27/2018 #


  2. Maxime Baudin • 08/27/2018 #

    Interesting, Thank you! 🙂

  3. franck-david • 08/27/2018 #

    Bonjour Nicolas ,
    actuellement je me forme grace a vos videos tres tres bien expliques merci
    j essaie depuis queques heures deja sans success de creer un screener qui me chercherait des actions compris entre un prix disons de
    10$et de 30$ et un volume de 1 millions
    avez vous par chance se type de code en votre possession
    voila se que ja ecris en code sans prendre en compte le volume
    et malheureusement j ai des erreurs de synthax

    • Nicolas • 08/27/2018 #

      Merci. ça n’est pas le lieu pour poser ce genre de question 🙂 Merci d’utiliser le forum ProScreener pour cela en créant un nouveau sujet:

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