Trend Following Moving Averages

Trend Following Moving Averages

On each bar it creates a channel by highest/lowest point of a MA. highest point is upper line and lowest point is lower line of the MA channel,
It gets highest and lowest point of last 300 bars, (say Price Channel )
If the width of MA channel is greater than certain rate of price channel then it decides there is trend
After it decided there is trend, it calculates the rate between channel and MA. Bigger result means stronger trend.
According to rate of MA channel and the¬†price channel¬†, MA Line becomes lighter/darker. so when you look at the MA Line’s color you can see the trend strength.

You can choose each of the available default MA type of the platform as source.

“Period to Check Trend” is the period to create MA channel. Bigger period cause more sensitivity.
“Trend Channel Rate %” is rate of¬†price channel¬†.¬†Price channel¬†created by using highest/lowest of last 300 bars. I did this to make the script works on all time frames correctly.
“Use Linear Regression” is used to get rid of noise. it may cause 1-2 bars latency.

(description from the original author LonesomeTheBlue, all credits go to him). Indicator converted from pinescript with some adaptation to make it works with ProRealTime.

This indicator only works on PRTv11 onwards.


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  1. Gert84 • 321 days ago #

    Hi Nicolas,

    Every time I download and import an indicator into my chart, I get the indicator at the bottom of my chart instead of on my price chart. Am I doing something wrong?
    I use V11.1

  2. Jan • 321 days ago #

    Good afternoon Nicolas,

    Could you hint me how I become version 11 of PRT ? (I believe I missed that one . . )
    And when will it be available in production ?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Nicolas • 321 days ago #

      v11 is out since months, for free:
      or with a trading account with IB, see the options available here:

  3. eva.g.forsgren • 320 days ago #

    Jag får felkod på rad 56?

    • Nicolas • 320 days ago #

      This indicator only works on PRTv11 onwards.

    • Jan • 319 days ago #

      If you start PRT via your trading account at, the PRT version 11 is not available yet, but their IT department is working on it to make it available,

  4. MajorBasse • 269 days ago #

    Hello Nicolas, is it possible to make a backtest with this moving average? For example “if trend = red then sellshort”.

    • Nicolas • 269 days ago #

      Yes why not?

    • MajorBasse • 269 days ago #

      I¬īm wondering which parameter decides the color of the average? Is the color decided by the “trend” input?

    • MajorBasse • 269 days ago #

      And also, the boolean “ulinreg” messes up the backtest, how do I define it?

  5. leonardofranci • 201 days ago #

    Hello Nicolas, it’s possible to make screener with this indicator ? Thanks a lot

  6. leonardofranci • 201 days ago #

    I would like a screener that highlights the color change of the indicator (from red to green and vice versa).
    Can you help me?
    Thanks again Nicolas

    • Nicolas • 201 days ago #

      Sure, please open a new topic in the indicator forum to ask your specific query, describe it as precisely as possible. Respect the posting rules too please.

    • leonardofranci • 201 days ago #

      Ok Nicolas apro il topic su “Supporto ProScreener” in italiano

    • leonardofranci • 200 days ago #

      Just done Nicolas

  7. pyhrus • 198 days ago #

    Pourriez-vous nous proposer une version adapt√©e pour PRT V13.0 , ou nous pr√©ciser les instructions √† remplacer ou modifier ou supprimer , dans le cas o√Ļ cela est possible , pour effectuer cette adaptation ?
    Merci .

  8. pyhrus • 198 days ago #

    Erratum : je veux parler de la version V10.3 , bien sur …

  9. pyhrus • 198 days ago #

    P.S : IG , que j’ai contact√© ,m’indique que la version V11 , ne sera pas disponible avant un certain temps ..

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