Trader Zone ARRZZ

Trader Zone ARRZZ

Fractals made of ZigZag that marks support and resistance.

In Higher timeframe, we can obtained the trend.

Candlesticks are painted with the color of the trend, found by the last support or resistance.


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  1. AngelPujalt • 228 days ago #

    muy bueno. Lo malo que repinta. Saludos

    • TAC Bolsa • 228 days ago #

      Si no repintara llenaría el gráfico de lineas… úsalo en gráficos DIARIO para seguir la tendencia.

  2. AngelPujalt • 228 days ago #

    lo estoy provando en diario.

    • TAC Bolsa • 228 days ago #

      Yo siempre recomiendo los indicadores en base de su documentación.

    • TAC Bolsa • 228 days ago #

      Una de las cosas que recomiento es no usar el indicador si no esta consolidada la zona .

      NOTA:”Recuerda que el indicador marca la zona de trading, si una de estas zonas pierde el soporte o la resistencia, tendrás que esperar que marque nueva zona para trabajarla.”

      Al tratarse de indicador que marca soportes si pierde la zona perderá el soporte y viceversa.

    • TAC Bolsa • 228 days ago #

      En la documentación he puesto una imagen del BBVA

      Como marca la zona de Trading..

      Recuerda que las descargas siempre están mejoradas en el Blog.

      Descarga Mejorada y Directa

  3. EZB-Schmarotzer • 228 days ago #

    I don’t get any signals, just black bars. What’s the problem?

    • TAC Bolsa • 227 days ago #

      Download the improved version.

    • TAC Bolsa • 227 days ago #

      within the Blog.

      Improved and Direct Download Here.

      Descarga Mejorada y Directa Aqui.

      Click with the mouse Here ……….Aqui…


  4. Captain Future • 227 days ago #

    Tageschart – dann funzt es!

    • EZB-Schmarotzer • 227 days ago #

      Sorry, I don’t understand spanish. Could you just give me the link to the file, please? Don’t know where to download it from your site ^^

    • EZB-Schmarotzer • 227 days ago #

      Wrong comment

  5. Captain Future • 227 days ago #

    Oder im separaten Fenster öffnen

    • EZB-Schmarotzer • 227 days ago #

      Ich finde keinen Download-Link auf seiner Seite für die “improved version”. Komme kaum durch die Seite, weil ich kein spanisch kann 😉

    • EZB-Schmarotzer • 227 days ago #

      Ich hab’s… Wort für Wort mit der Maus abgegangen und plötzlich war “Aqui” unterlegt 😀

  6. TAC Bolsa • 227 days ago #

    Improved and Direct Download Here. Clic en ……..Here……

  7. Jan Wind • 226 days ago #

    Dear TAC Bolsa,

    you are (obviously?) aware of the fact that the ZIGZAG function is ongoingly “repainted”, it adjust itself depending on the last closes. (for example if the last closes increases, the ZIGZAG goes up. If before the treshold ZIGZAG percentage, like 0,5% will be reached, the close decreases to further than the initial increase, the ZIGZAG line goes down and repaint the upgoing ZIGZAG line from the previous bars to a downtrend ZIGZAG line)

    Is it correct that your indicator will accordingly repainted as well ? (It looks to me it does looking at your code) If it does, should it not be noted to the users of this indicator ?
    Kind regards, Jan

    • TAC Bolsa • 226 days ago #

      This indicator draws a trade area, does not indicate a signal to enter or exit the markets.

      This publication is an idea of many, of how a commercial area is made.

      The improved indicator can be found in the Blog, where the Zigzag is replaced by another development.

      To your question, if you read the forum, I think I’ve already commented …

      The supports and resistance also change when the price goes through one or the other,
      Sometimes they invest and in others they disappear …

      These indicators try to teach systems programming in the stock market.

  8. TAC Bolsa • 223 days ago #

    Download the improved version. V2

  9. Enzo Paliotti • 223 days ago #

    Complimenti, un ottimo lavoro!!!

  10. isurutharaka • 214 days ago #

    hallo how to dwonload it

    • TAC Bolsa • 95 days ago #

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