Multi-Indicator that combines several indicators to automate the movement of the price and trend based on the average of the entire volume distribution.

Wave: Average of the whole distribution of the volume in histogram form that measures the distance with the price, this provides in histogram mode the strength of the value based on the volume and marks the high point in the Histogram of the price reversal.

Timing: Recognizes all movements of the MACD indicator and lists them based on the trend obtained from the MACD and Wave indicators.

Bullish Trend

  • Timing 1: Bullish Momentum
  • Timing 2: Correction of Bullish Impulse
  • Timing 3: Possible Reversal of the “Bearish” trend, Pause Trading
  • Timing 4: Possible Reversal of the trend, Pause Trading

– The Timing 3 bullish trend will not work.

– The Timing 4 is a Timing of Pause, being this Timing the one that marks the bullish impulse in a market ceiling can be a trap. We have to wait for Timing 1 to confirm the continuation of the bullish momentum so as not to have a reversal of the movement and possible change of trend.

Bearish Trend

  • Timing -1: Bearish Momentum
  • Timing -2: Bullish Momentum of the Bearish trend
  • Timing -3: Possible Reversion of the trend, Pause Trading
  • Timing -4: Possible Continuation of the trend, Pause Trading

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  1. Andyswede • 03/25/2019 #

    Splendid! Thanks:)

  2. swapping • 03/25/2019 #

    Nice job Bolsa 😉

  3. Juanjo • 03/25/2019 #

    Hola ¡¡¡ ..Muy buen trabajo, tengo una duda; en en codigo y visualmente, en ocasiones aparece : Timing: 3 – , ..esto es lo mismo, que Timing: -3?? Gracias por el indicador.

    • TAC Bolsa • 03/25/2019 #

      Gracias Juanjo, El Guion despues de número es pausa o indecisión de la tendencia y se da en los siguientes Timing,.

      Timing : 3 –
      Timing : -3 –
      Timing: 4 –
      Timing -4 –

  4. Juanjo • 03/25/2019 #

    Gracias. He hecho una modificación para q aparezca en el gráfico del precio

  5. Polnet • 03/25/2019 #

    Hay posibilidad de cambiar el Timing en el indicador, hay veces que se solapan con las medias

    • TAC Bolsa • 03/25/2019 #

      Seguramente es por copiar el código pon Espacios como te muestro.

      ” Timing:

      DRAWTEXT(” Timing: #TIMING# ▲”,barindex,hh1/sd,SansSerif,Bold,20)coloured(0,128,0)

  6. TAC Bolsa • 03/25/2019 #

    Ponle 30 Espacios entre la Comilla y el Timing:

    DRAWTEXT(“——————-Timing: #TIMING# ▲”,barindex,hh1/sd,SansSerif,Bold,20)coloured(0,128,0)

    reemplaza los guiones por espacios por lo que sea al copiar el texto le quita los espacios

  7. Polnet • 03/25/2019 #

    Solucionado, gracias

  8. Jan Wind • 348 days ago #

    Hallo Tac Bolsa,

    Thanks a lot for your coding above.
    As I am personally not very charmed of the MACD (delayed crossings), I adjusted the code and deleted the MACD calculation and simply replaced it for a weighted average.(see below)

    The average of the adjusted average volume seems to show good reversals of short term trends, if the average starts increasing from the lowest point, the probability of a succesful long position are reasonable. I am using it for 5 minutes trading, but also for trend watching on daily charts, and more timeframes inbetween.

    The Button ADD PRT Code does not function for me, so I copied my adustment below.
    REM TAC Volume TEMA
    iter = 60 //interations
    WA = 28 //wa of volume adjusted average

    zero=0 //null line in graph

    //Volume adjusted Average
    for i= 0 to iter do
    Wave = (close – lv)
    TWave = weightedaverage[WA](Wave)

    if Wave>=0 then // setting color red or green of histogram
    if TWave>=TWave[1] then // setting color red or green of histogram

    return Wave coloured (rm,gm,bm) style (histogram) as “Wave”, zero as “zero”, TWave coloured (ra,ga,ba) style(line,3) as “AvWave”

    • TAC Bolsa • 348 days ago #

      Thank you, Jan

      Any modification is good reference if it helps us win in the market.

  9. marcov66 • 17 hours ago #

    Hi, it seems a very useful indicator. Unfortunately the link here for the full explanation does not work https://www.tiburonesdealetacorta.com/2019/03/tac-volume-macd-timing.html //// Thanks for sharing it again. Marco

  10. TACBOLSA • 2 hours ago #

    Discontinued indicator. we are sorry.

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