Pre-Market session USA

Pre-Market session USA

► This Indicator draws a rectangle around the candlesticks formed during the Pre-opening of the American Session, it provides the minimum, maximum values as well as the difference and draws segments from the highest and the lowest
until the closing of the American Session…

[Properties] Two checkboxes
– “Info” Shows or hides alphanumeric information
– “Segment” Shows or hides the lines (higher / lower)

Two variables used to
– “Alpha” Adjust the transparency of text and lines (0 to 255)
– “Delta” Adjusts the information (above and below) of the rectangle
(to adjust according to the selected asset)


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  1. Saikumar Fx • 01/07/2019 #

    hi how to convert proreal code to mt4 indicator for pre market session usa indicator

    • Nicolas • 01/07/2019 #

      Hi, we dont offer MT4 programming assistance, but still you can ask for private paid programming on this page:

  2. AlexWoe89 • 01/07/2019 #

    thanks for the code. Do you have an idea, if you can also draw pre-market data on chart for US shares?
    Thanks & Kind Regards,


  3. Thomas • 360 days ago #

    Hello swapping. Very good idea. Can I use and modify the code? I would like to add a few more things. Different Timeframes, Open, Close.

  4. Razz • 211 days ago #

    Hello swapping the indicator is very good! Can you tell me how I can add 2 lines in the distance of the range to the high and low?
    Have the currently solved so is not very nice.
    return STL as “STL”,STS as “STS”

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