Fibonacci auto channel

Fibonacci auto channel

Another channel indicator made of Fibonacci retracements levels over an x period.



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  1. 211 • 02/05/2016 #

    Really nice indicator Nicolas! Well done!

  2. supertiti • 02/05/2016 #

    Bonjour Nicolas

    comme j’avais l’impression qu’il en manque un bout j’ai fais ça :

    Peux tu valider ce code , merci

    Le bouton ADD PRT code ne marche pas cette fois !?

    // Fibonacci Auto Channels PRC

    // period = 50

    ll = lowest[period](low)
    hh = highest[period](high)
    //mid = (ll+hh)/2

    fibo1 = 1/(hh-ll)*1.236+ll
    fibo2 = (hh-ll)*0.236+ll
    fibo3 = (hh-ll)*0.382+ll
    fibo4 = (hh-ll)*0.500+ll
    fibo5 = (hh-ll)*0.618+ll
    fibo6 = (hh-ll)*0.764+ll
    fibo7 = (hh-ll)*1+ll

    RETURN customclose as ” customclose ” , fibo1 as ” fibo1″, fibo2 as ” fibo2″ , fibo3 as ” fibo3″ , fibo4 as ” fibo center “, fibo5 as ” fibo5 “, fibo6 as ” fibo6 “, fibo7 as ” fibo7 “

    • Nicolas • 02/05/2016 #

      Merci supertiti ! C’est juste, encore un ptit bug quelquepart ! 😐

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