Dynamic Zone Stoch RSI

Dynamic Zone Stoch RSI

This indicator make stochastic calculation of a RSI indicator over the last X periods (RSI and stochastic periods can  be modified in the first line of code).

By adding Bollinger bands of 2 standard deviations of the “Stoch RSI” curve, dynamic zones of overbought and oversold areas are displayed.

This code has been translated from LUA programming language, original indicator from fxcodebase.



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  1. gregus • 02/17/2017 #

    bonjour a tous
    quelqu un pourait il recodé en prt il sagit  du dynamique zone ma, je n arrive pas a joindre le gif qui correspond mais code tres intéréssant.
    merci pour la communauté prt.
    voici le code:
    #property indicator_chart_window#property indicator_buffers 6#property indicator_color1  DeepSkyBlue#property indicator_color2  LimeGreen#property indicator_color3  LimeGreen#property indicator_color4  Red#property indicator_color5  Red#property indicator_color6  Peru#property indicator_style3  STYLE_DOT#property indicator_style4  STYLE_DOT#property indicator_style6  STYLE_DASH#property indicator_width1  3#property indicator_width2  2#property indicator_width5  2
    #import “dynamicZone.dll”   double dzBuyP(double& sourceArray[],double probabiltyValue, int lookBack, int bars, int i, double precision);   double dzSellP(double& sourceArray[],double probabiltyValue, int lookBack, int bars, int i, double precision);#import
    //////    ////
    extern int    Length                  = 21;extern int    Price                   = 0;extern bool   ShowMiddleLine          = true;extern int    DzLookBackBars          = 35;extern double DzStartBuyProbability1  = 0.10;extern double DzStartBuyProbability2  = 0.25;extern double DzStartSellProbability1 = 0.10;extern double DzStartSellProbability2 = 0.25;
    double MABuffer[];double alpha[];double prices[];double bl1Buffer[];double bl2Buffer[];double sl1Buffer[];double sl2Buffer[];double zliBuffer[];double stored[][7];
    //+——————————————————————+//|                                                                  |//+——————————————————————+//////////
    int init(){   SetIndexBuffer(0,MABuffer);   SetIndexBuffer(1,bl1Buffer);   SetIndexBuffer(2,bl2Buffer);   SetIndexBuffer(3,sl2Buffer);   SetIndexBuffer(4,sl1Buffer);   SetIndexBuffer(5,zliBuffer);              IndicatorShortName(“Jurik filter simple (“+Length+”)”);   return(0);}int deinit() { return(0); }
    //+——————————————————————+//|                                                                  |//+——————————————————————+//////////
    int start(){   double precision = Point*100.0;   int counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();   int i,r,limit;
       if(counted_bars<0) return(-1);   if(counted_bars>0) counted_bars–;         limit = Bars-counted_bars;         if (ArrayRange(prices,0) != Bars) ArrayResize(prices,Bars);
       //   //   //   //   //      for (i=limit, r=Bars-i-1; i>=0; i–,r++)   {      prices[r]   = iMA(NULL,0,1,0,MODE_SMA,Price,i);      MABuffer[i] = iNoLagMa(alpha,prices,1,Length,i,r);      if (DzStartBuyProbability1 >0) bl1Buffer[i] = dzBuyP (MABuffer, DzStartBuyProbability1,  DzLookBackBars, Bars, i, precision);      if (DzStartBuyProbability2 >0) bl2Buffer[i] = dzBuyP (MABuffer, DzStartBuyProbability2,  DzLookBackBars, Bars, i, precision);      if (DzStartSellProbability1>0) sl1Buffer[i] = dzSellP(MABuffer, DzStartSellProbability1, DzLookBackBars, Bars, i, precision);      if (DzStartSellProbability2>0) sl2Buffer[i] = dzSellP(MABuffer, DzStartSellProbability2, DzLookBackBars, Bars, i, precision);      if (ShowMiddleLine)            zliBuffer[i] = dzSellP(MABuffer, 0.5                    , DzLookBackBars, Bars, i, precision);      }   return(0);}
    //+——————————————————————+//|                                                                  |//+——————————————————————+//////////
    #define Pi 3.1415926535
    double values[][3];#define _length  0#define _len     1#define _weight  2
    double iNoLagMa(double &alpha[], double &price[], int forvalue, int length, int i, int r){   int forValue = forvalue-1;   if (length<3) return(price[r]);      //   //   //   //   //      if (ArrayRange(values,0)<(forValue+1) || values[forValue][_length] != length)   {      double Cycle = 4.0;      double Coeff = 3.0*Pi;      int    Phase = length-1;            if (ArrayRange(values,0)<forValue+1) ArrayResize(values,forValue+1);
             values[forValue][_length] = length;         values[forValue][_len]    = length*4 + Phase;           values[forValue][_weight] = 0;           ArrayResize(alpha,values[forValue][_len]);
             for (int k=0; k<values[forValue][_len]-1; k++)         {            if (k<=Phase-1)                  double t = 1.0 * k/(Phase-1);            else        t = 1.0 + (k-Phase+1)*(2.0*Cycle-1.0)/(Cycle*length-1.0);             double beta = MathCos(Pi*t);            double g = 1.0/(Coeff*t+1); if (t <= 0.5 ) g = 1;                  alpha[k]                   = g * beta;            values[forValue][_weight] += alpha[k];         }   }      //   //   //   //   //      if (values[forValue][_weight]>0)   {      int    len = values[forValue][_len];      double sum = 0;           for (k=0; k < len-1; k++) sum += alpha[k]*price[r-k];                 return( sum / values[forValue][_weight]);   }   else return(0);           }

    • Nicolas • 02/17/2017 #

      Merci de faire une requête spécifique sur le forum. 

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