Donchian Channel 3 (3 ways to display the trend)

Donchian Channel 3 (3 ways to display the trend)

This is the Donchian Channel indicator extended version.

You can choose to display the trend in 3 different ways:

  1. traditional one by applying the indicator directly onto the price chart to display the channel formed by the higher highs and lower lows
  2. as a normalized price oscillator with normalized boundaries at 1/-1 (calculated upon the last higher highs and lower lows)
  3. as a normalized price oscillator with dynamic boundaries

The current trend is displayed as a red/green plotted at zero level. The trend change each time the price broke the higher or lower boundaries of the donchian channel.

Indicator converted from mt4 code following a request made in the Italian indicator forum.


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  1. Sukhdev Golen • 09/17/2019 #

    Hi Nicolas, how to use this on tradingview?

    • Nicolas • 09/17/2019 #

      You can’t. All codes here are made for the ProRealTime trading platform:

  2. Maxime Baudin • 09/17/2019 #


  3. Byggtrader • 09/17/2019 #

    Hi Nicolas! How do I get the indicator in the price chart? It only stays under i new chart.

    • Nicolas • 09/17/2019 #

      Just add it on the price chart by using the wrench on the left upper side of the chart (price settings)

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