Candlesticks patterns indicator

Candlesticks patterns indicator

This indicator is a complete candlesticks patterns recognizer indicator. It is a different one and more complete than the other you can find already in the library here.

This indicator recognizes about 40 candlestick patterns and draw their names with green and red arrows on chart (Windows, i.e. gaps, are drawn as “W”):

  • Doji
  • Evening star
  • Morning star
  • Shooting star
  • Hammer
  • Inverted hammer
  • Bearish harami
  • Bearish harami cross
  • Bullish harami
  • Bullish harami cross
  • Bearish engulfing
  • Bullish engulfing
  • Piercing line
  • Hanging man
  • Dark cloud cover
  • Abandoned baby bottom
  • Three White soldiers
  • Three Inside Up
  • Three Outside Up
  • Concealing Baby Swallow
  • Dragonfly Doji Bottom
  • Gravestone Doji Bottom
  • Three Stars in the South
  • Bullish Breakaway
  • Rising Three Methods
  • Bullish Three Line Strike
  • Bullish Mathold
  • Abandoned Baby Top
  • Three Black Crows
  • Three Inside Down
  • Three Outside Down
  • Upside Gap Two Crows
  • Dragonfly Doji Top
  • Gravestone Doji Top
  • Advance Block
  • Two Crows
  • Bearish Breakaway
  • Falling Three Methods
  • Bearish Three Line Strike
  • Bearish Mathold
  • Windows (Gaps Up & Gaps Down)

Since Candlesticks have a meaning only if related to the underlying trend, at the beginning of the code there is also the possibility to change the method used to identify the “trend direction” (1=MACD, 2=SAR [default], 3=Directional Movement)

Original idea and discussions from this topic on forum:


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  1. baaz • 80 days ago #

    Thanks Ciccio! It works the way you suggested it.

  2. Aporio • 73 days ago #

    Qué bueno!!! felicidades.

    Es posible hacer screener de velas de suelo tipo hammer, envolventes bullish engulfing, además de doble suelo o una divergencia alcista?



  3. mcha • 17 days ago #

    Hi , very good
    Do you try to program Fry pan bottom pattern?
    Best regards

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