The “Enveloppe ADX” Forex Strategy

The “Enveloppe ADX” Forex Strategy

Hi all,

This strategy is very similar to the “Nice Price” Forex Strategy that I’ve just published.

It applies on EUR/USD, H1 timeframe (other pairs / timeframes should be also profitable).

We go LONG if :

  • high > Enveloppe sup (20, 0.4%) and close > Enveloppe sup`
  • ADX40 > 10
  • DI40+ > DI40-
  • SL : 30 pips / TP : 10 pips

So it’s a scalping strategy.

It’s not the Holy Grail… but it works.


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  1. Madrosat • 07/28/2016 #

    Il y a des entrées et sorties sur la même bougie
    donc le probacktest  n’est normalement pas bon  !!!
    Qu’en pensez vous ??

  2. ladefense • 07/28/2016 #

    Arretons de poster des systemes  ou il y a des entrées et sorties sur la même bougie , c est de la pure perte de temps  !

  3. ladefense • 07/28/2016 #

    Arretons de poster des systemes  ou il y a des entrées et sorties sur la même bougie , c est de la pure perte de temps  !
    juste pour avoir une belle equyity curve qui est fausse .

    • Fabio Anthony Terrenzio • 07/28/2016 #

      A volte un sistema affetto da questo problema (entrate e uscite nella stessa candela) quando usato in una situazione di trade reale può portare dei profitti

  4. Wilko • 07/28/2016 #

    Beginner’s mistake to fall into one of PRT’s backtesting most obvious drawbacks: You cannot have TP and SL withing same candlestick. PRT backtest will always go for TP before SL. The equity curve indeed indicates a holy grail, but it is not. 

  5. DonDollar • 07/28/2016 #

    What can we do to avoid this TP/SL mistake?

    • Philip Raphael • 07/28/2016 #

      @Wilko, which changes would you suggest then? This system works. But hardly on 1h basis, I changed it to 1 day and it’s excellent here with many currencies and indices. Could you please help me here?

  6. JakeDB • 07/28/2016 #

    Hi Guys, 
    Is there a solution to the TP/SL mistake, i am ready to try a few codes live but want to make sure im not set for disaster.

  7. Wilko • 07/28/2016 #

    The TP/SL issue should be resolved (at least partly) in PRT v10.3, which I understand will offer Look-Inside-Bar option in the backtest

  8. Naren Yanan • 07/28/2016 #

    what is    diplus  diminus  please

  9. Barney • 07/28/2016 #

    Has anyone tested this algon now when PRT 10.3 was released?

  10. Yngve • 07/28/2016 #

    does anyone know if the issue with the TP/SL is resolved ?

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