Big Line Strategy

Big Line Strategy

a Big Line Strategy

Just played around with the idea to enter a trade around a big line because it could have more potential. I focussed on the DAX.

  • dax 5 minutes
  • 200k bars
  • spread 1
  • stoploss 1, trailing stop 1.5, profit target 2.5
  • trading times 9-18h
  • keeps positions overnight, but closes at Friday 18h

One extra criteria was needed and it looks back at high/low max 2 days

Included is a Big Line indicator which should be added to the price-chart. This makes sure you set the correct lines. The values can be used then in the strategy.

tip: in the price-chart, set settings on : vertical autoscaling; use price only

M=100 F=100 causes the DAX  to enter around the 100 lines if criteria are met.

If you set M=100 and F=50 it enters on the 50 lines. By adjusting it should be flexible for other markets. It’s not meant to optimise.

Optional is the Big Line Indicator EC for the price chart. It shows visually the extra criteria.


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  1. MARCO111 • 350 days ago #

    Hello, when I enter the code, it responds that I have to change the variables and the system does not start

  2. Ludde500 • 350 days ago #

    Dosen’t work “Modifiy your code for automatic trading”

  3. noisette • 350 days ago #

    Thank you Paul. We perhaps have try if it is more efficient with only 1 trade/day for each level.

  4. raphaelopilski • 349 days ago #

    there is a problem with the %trailing stop. Doesn´t work in ProOrder.

  5. Paul • 349 days ago #

    Please remove the parameters and set values M and F to 100 in this code.
    In the code add manually a trailing stop posted in the library. My purpose was for backtesting first.
    @noisette. Thnx for the idea! I will have a quick test. Right now it has too many trades, but it’s a good platform to build on.
    I have some ideas how to proceed to reduce those but more idea’s are welcome !
    ps. To get a complete result including January 2015. Set timeframe for i.e. 10 minutes and switch back to 5min. January is now included which makes long and short gains more equal and profitable.

  6. MARCO111 • 349 days ago #

    Hi Poul, it still does not work. Can you post the correct code again?

  7. Yannick • 346 days ago #

    There is a mistake in trailing stop code, I think that this should fix the problem
    sl=1 // % stoploss
    ts=1.5 // % trailing stop
    pt=2.5 // % profit target

    // build-in exit
    SET STOP TRAILING tsconvert // trailing % doesn’t work , value must be written in points

    I will run in demo

  8. Paul • 345 days ago #

    About the trailing-stop the way it’s coded. That works for backtesting only, just look at the chart and the detailed rapport, tap “order list”. It says for some closed positions “trailing”.

  9. Jonny • 313 days ago #

    sorry paul, but system says that is not possible to put many stop order combined…what have to do?

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