Screener “Going bullish”

Screener “Going bullish”

Hi all,

This morning, one of you sent me an email, asking me to code a screener.

It applies on H4 timeframe, on stocks, indexes, ETF.

Here is the email and the screener…

After analysis of several charts
M He was allowed to consist of a recurrent comportment during the etf and indices On the frame time 4 hours. The upward change is supported quad he gathered the following conditions. I appreciate if you can detail me a screener developer who could The MET:

#Frame Time 4 hours
# During the above or just exceed 30 EXP MM
# MS uptrend
MME # 30 above MS 150
# RSI just crossed 50 time in 3 frames precedent
# MACD Zero has inferior races and both come from the bullish cross has
Thank you d advance
Sincerely yours


(in French)


Apres analyse de plusieurs charts

Il m a été permission de consistent un comportment recurrent des cours des etf et indices Sur le frame time 4heures . Le changement haussier est soutenu quad il reuni Les conditions suivantes . Je detail reconnaissant si vous pouvez me developer un screener qui put Les reuni:

#Frame time 4heures

# cours au dessus ou viens de depasser MM EXP 30

# MME de tendance haussier

# MME 30 dessus de MME 150

# RSI vient de franchir Les 50 dans 3 frames time precedent

# MACD inferior a Zero et Les deux courses viennent de se croiser a la haussier

Merci d advance

Bien a vous


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  1. Julio • 08/20/2016 #

    Hi Doctrading,
    Is it possible to flip this to a “going bearish” by simply switching the code direction?

  2. Doctrading • 08/20/2016 #

    Yes, you can do it very simply…

  3. Tarek Laaroussi • 08/20/2016 #

    Hi doctrading
    i am the one who sent you the email
    first thanks for the code . It really work quite. 
    I try it with a frame time daily and I discover it also work, still one question, Is it possible    To add volume as filter in this code  ? Can you do it ?
    best regards 

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