The Universal indicator by John Ehlers plotted directly on the chart, for an immediate understanding of its state. It has been implemented with the moving average of the oscillator, the overbought and oversold areas, and the colors indicating the direction of the trend. Suitable for any chart and time frame.

Indicator interface

  • OVERBOUGHT = change the level of the Overbough line;
  • OVERSOLD = change the level of the Oversold line;
  • UNIAVG = enables or disables the moving average applied to the value of the Universal oscillator;
  • UNIAVGPERIOD = changes the period of the moving average applied to the Universal oscillator;
  • UNIVERSALPERIOD = changes the oscillator period;
  • UNIVERSALFILTER = change the indicator filter period;
  • TIGHTENCHANNEL = change the channel width;
  • ATRPERIOD = changes the calculation period of the ATR used for the formation of the channel, serves to optimize the channel size;
  • AVERAGEPERIOD = changes the value of the moving average used for the formation of the channel;
  • AVERAGEMETHOD = is used to select the type of moving media used for the formation of the channel.

How it can be used:

  1. As a trend indicator;
  2. For inversion strategies;
  3. As a channel, to identify the range of market movement;
  4. As an entry and exit signal, when the Universal value crosses the level 0, or crosses the overbought and oversold levels, or its moving average;
  5. Within automatic trading strategies, such as entry, exit or as a filter.

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  1. HeikinAshi • 04/22/2019 #

    Hi ALE,
    Do you have an overview of which colour zones need to be added?
    When I add the indicator to the price I have by default only the 0 level as a dashed line.
    Thank you very much.

    • ALE • 04/22/2019 #

      Hi I answered you, in this post, if you have other questions do not hesitate
      Thank you

  2. Pasquale Fracicone • 04/22/2019 #

    What is the Uniavg variable equal to?

    • ALE • 04/22/2019 #

      UNIAVGPERIOD = changes the period of the moving average applied to the Universal oscillator;

  3. Pasquale Fracicone • 04/22/2019 #


    • ALE • 04/22/2019 #

      UNIAVG = enables or disables the moving average applied to the value of the Universal oscillator;

  4. ludo6977 • 04/22/2019 #

    this incateur is genial, to leave by default. It gives excellent indications. I am a fan. Good job

    • ALE • 04/22/2019 #

      ūüôā thanks

  5. Santi • 04/22/2019 #

    Hola amigos. El indicador con la nueva versi√≥n de PRT funciona muy mal, no dibuja igual que con la antigua versi√≥n. ¬ŅAlguien conoce una soluci√≥n? Gracias

  6. Santi • 04/22/2019 #

    Salut, les amis. L’indicateur avec la nouvelle version de PRT 11 fonctionne tr√®s mal, ne fonctionne pas de la m√™me fa√ßon avec l’ancienne version, est-ce que quelqu’un conna√ģt une solution ? Je vous remercie

    • ALE • 04/22/2019 #

      As soon as the final version of ProRealtimeV11 is released, I will check for any changes to be made.

  7. oeil62 • 04/22/2019 #

    Bonjour quelles sont les valeurs des variables pour une utilisation journali√®re ? merci pour l’aide

  8. finplus • 316 days ago #

    cet indicateur a t il fait l’objet d’une √©volution avec PRT 11 ? Par ailleurs, en 15 minutes, j’ai remarqu√© que le graphe de la journ√©e pr√©c√©dente dispara√ģt. Comment y rem√©dier ? Merci.

  9. kj1988 • 298 days ago #

    Thank you for this nice indicator. I find it useful and a better replacement for the RSI

    • ALE • 298 days ago #

      Happy to know

  10. carlvan • 67 days ago #

    That’s a great indicator and I especially the use of colors, more or less pronounced to indicate the power of the trend. Thank you for sharing this. NOTE: in new PRT v.11, it is better to use it on a window separated from the prices. Oops, I have to edit my post: even if not plotted on the price window, there are difficulties with using it on V.11: when you change the parameters (new average length, change of type of average, etc) nothing changes on the graph. Will you update the code, now that v.11 is available for IG clients? Thank you.

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