John F. Ehlers Decycler Oscillator

John F. Ehlers Decycler Oscillator

In “Decyclers” in Sep, 2015, John Ehlers described a method for constructing an oscillator that could help traders detect trend reversals with almost no lag, an oscillator that signals trend reversals with almost zero lag via digital signal processing techniques. A high-pass filter is subtracted from the input data and the high-frequency components are removed via cancellation of terms. Lower-frequency components are filtered from the output, so they are not canceled from the original data. Thus, the decycler displays them with close to zero lag. The fast line has a period of 100 a K value of 1.2 and the slow line has a period of 125 and a K value of 1.

This indicator demonstrates the timely response of the decycler oscillator to market action. It applies the idea of using a decycler oscillator pair with different parameters, as discussed in Ehlers’ article:
1. Enter long when the fast line crosses over the slow line;
2. Exit long when the fast line crosses under the slow line.


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  1. Yantra • 52 days ago #

    The Oscillator is not displaying correctly on my system, it’s not oscillating it’s just a long gentle curve diagonally across the window. I have tried it both with the default settings and the 10, 15 you have on the screenshot above.
    I’m on Prorealtime v11.1 with IG. Any clues why this is occurring? Thank you.

  2. Gregory • 49 days ago #

    Hello Nicolas, I have the same problem as Yantra, do you have any suggestion to fix it? Thank you

  3. LUCASSEN • 48 days ago #

    The same problem

  4. DonTony • 46 days ago #

    Bonjour Nicolas,
    J’ai le même problème. L’oscillateur ne s’affiche pas correctement.
    Une solution?

  5. pableitor • 44 days ago #

    the code works just fine, just note the parameters in the source code are different than the picture’s.

    • RubberToe • 39 days ago #

      Doesn’t work for me, the .ift or the code above…

  6. Bruno Carnazzi • 42 days ago #

    Il y a à boire et à manger chez Ehlers, quand même 🙂

  7. RubberToe • 39 days ago #

    Is there something we are missing here, I just get the same curved line as well…

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