TKP T3 Trend With Psar Barcolor

TKP T3 Trend With Psar Barcolor

This indicator is intended to help identify reversals and attempt to anticiapate them.

Bull trends are identified by blue bars, while bear trades are identified by red. Points of reversal are indicated with yellow candles. //Bars change to yellow as bar close crosses the Tilson moving averages. Blue or red is confrimed as the two Tilson avergaes themselves cross.

Buy and sell signal is given on yellow bars

Psar helps identify reversals and provide stop loss values

Arrows appear above or below candles to incorporate a momentum aspect. This condition is based on a rising or falling TSI value while under or over the signal line. This can show momentum ‘headwinds’ or ‘tailwinds’ as TSI ‘curls’.

Description from original author: Bjorgum

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  1. Alai-n • 10 days ago #

    Hello, after watching the attached video of Chris Moody, it seems to me that a certain number of elements are missing! What do you think?

    • LucasBest • 10 days ago #

      It is not the same indicator… The one of the video is this one below :
      The one translated here is this one below :

  2. Alai-n • 9 days ago #

    @LucasBest Thanks for the precision.

  3. Actaru5 • 6 days ago #

    Hi, I couldn’t see the candles well. Changing the code solves the problem.
    from line 164 to line 171 should be:

    // Heikin-Ashi Bar Input
    haOpen = (haopen + haclose)/2
    haClose = (open + high + low + close) / 4
    IF NOT haOpen[1] = undefined THEN
    haOpen = (haOpen[1] + haClose[1]) / 2
    haLow = MIN(MIN(haOpen, haClose),low)
    haHigh = MAX(MAX(haOpen, haClose),high)

    great job @LucasBest

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