TAC Volume Profile Intraday

TAC Volume Profile Intraday

From the Idea of the Bull & Bear indicator Volume-by-Price levels

The volume Profile or “volume levels in horizontal” are represented by a two-dimensional axis, between price and volume.

The areas of acceptance (HVN “High Volume Node”) are areas with a high volume there is harmony between supply and demand, bought and sellers.

The areas of rejection (LVN “Low Volume Node”) are areas with very little volume and no acceptance there is no harmony between supply and demand.

HVN: The price spends more time in these levels and higher volume areas.

LVN: The price is rejected by the low volume in these levels serve as supports and resistance.


DPVP : Number of Volume Profiles that we can include, Recommanded (8)

Subasta: Auction : cancel auction

VWAP: Several VWAPs are attached with different temporalities that mark their supports and resistances.

PVP: cancels the profile Volume of the Graph


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  1. TAC Bolsa • 03/15/2019 #

    It is recommended to use this indicator in Low temporalities.
    Between 1 Minute and Maximum 30 Minutes

  2. marcov66 • 03/15/2019 #

    Hi, thanks for this useful indicator! I´ve just a quick question. Is it comparable with the Market/Volume profile? The outcome/information are the same? Thanks for your feedback Marco

    • TAC Bolsa • 03/15/2019 #

      It is the same as a market profile or a volume profile.

      The only difference with the Volume or Markert profile is that it does not collect the price blocks … but everything will move …

      You have to see them in composite mode or in their context,
      Areas of high or low volume are clearly visible.

      Here you have a link of how it is interpreted.


  3. marcov66 • 03/15/2019 #

    Great ! Thanks a lot. Marco

  4. Juanjo • 03/15/2019 #

    Como siempre un trabajo brillante, Gracias por el aporte.

    • TAC Bolsa • 03/15/2019 #

      Gracias Juanjo… esto no será nada cuando tengamos @Prorealtime11 esperamos dar un gran salto cuántico con la programación y desarrollo de nueva generación de indicadores de volumen.

  5. Juanjo • 03/15/2019 #

    Estoy esperando con muchas ganas prorealtime11, ..señalar que gracias a la lectura de vuestra pagina web, y de libros sobre Wyckoff, ..Anna Coluling, etc, he mejorado muchísimo mi operativa, de hecho, ..en todos mis sistemas incorporo el volumen y vuestros indicadores. Un saludo.

  6. TAC Bolsa • 03/15/2019 #


    From the VWAP and activated auction you can see the areas of lower or greater volume.

    • 19Tom85 • 22 days ago #

      Hi TAC Bolsa, your indicators are very value adding. May I ask you to please invite to your blog as it seems I can’t have access if I am not invited. Best regards

  7. karim78300 • 03/15/2019 #

    bonjours je n’arrive pas a a mettre votre code on me demande de définire la variable subasta pvp dpvp vwap je vous remercie de votre aide et de votre partage
    Karim Paris

    • TAC Bolsa • 03/15/2019 #

      Do not copy the code, download the indicator and then place it on the price.

  8. Gianluca • 03/15/2019 #

    THANK YOU AGAIN. You are such amazing

  9. Stenozar • 03/15/2019 #

    Hi TAC, I can’t see on the graph the Low volume and High volume areas; should they appear automatically?

    • TAC Bolsa • 03/15/2019 #

      hello, not included, it’s just a way to interpret …

      If it will be included in the new version.


  10. JOSE LUIS CAPO • 03/15/2019 #

    Muchisimas gracias por las valiosas herramientas de volumen que compartes con los usuarios de PRT y también por aportar tu conocimiento en tu maravilloso blog. Espero impacientemente el Range Volume Profile. Un saludo.

  11. Gianluca • 281 days ago #

    Hello what happened? why you close your web site? it was amazing!

  12. Hendrix • 215 days ago #

    volevo sapere se era possibile avere l’indicatore solo con il volume profile di 4 giorni e su ogni giorno il POC.


  13. namrevlis24 • 202 days ago #

    is it possible to make the volume lines transparent? Your screenshot shows transparent lines (rectangles). I tried to change the 4th parameter in the “coloured” function of line
    >> drawrectangle(startbar,(hrange+lrange)/2,startbar+bullbar,(hrange+lrange)/2) coloured(0,100,200,20)
    to any values between 1 and 255 but nothing changes.
    How did you get it running?
    Thanks in Advance!

  14. namrevlis24 • 201 days ago #

    0 is no difference, unfortunately 😐

    • namrevlis24 • 196 days ago #

      Hi, solution to have transparent lines is to use PRT V 10.3, not V 11 beta as I did 🙂

  15. Gianluca • 148 days ago #

    nicolas why prt doesn’t implement volume profile as standard indicator like the majority of the platforms?

  16. TACBOLSA • 147 days ago #

    Proximente will be available in different (VP)


  17. marcov66 • 113 days ago #

    Is there any possibility to plot the PVP? Thanks in advance. Marco

    • TACBOLSA • 113 days ago #

      Proximente will be available in different (VP)


  18. tobytarczy • 88 days ago #

    Hi I am new to Pro RealTime platform. The TAC Volume profile is one that I would like to use. I have used it on Metatrader4 and it worked like a charm. The question I have is how do I create a customer indicator with the code above to include this indicator. I am on the latest version of PRT with IB as my broker. Many thanks in advance. I should also mention my trading coach uses TradeView and that is what I would like eventually to have on this platform

  19. toby.tarczy • 18 mins ago #

    Hi I manged to load the indicator, great tool. Is there a way to speed up the refresh time on a chart. Taking a long time to load?

    Many thanks

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