Relative Strength Rank Indicator

Relative Strength Rank Indicator

This indicator is a ranking tool used to compare a group of stocks, ETFs or futures contracts to determine which specific instrument is performing best. The indicator creates a score based upon the symbols historical price movement. You can then compare this score to the other RS Rank scores of other stocks or ETFs in your basket of trading instruments. Thus, you can simply pick the instrument with the highest RS Rank score when creating a momentum based trading system.

The RS Rank is computed by taking the average of a long-term price change with a short term price change. This average is then divided by the 10-day Average True Range. This will produce a ranking score which can be compared to other instruments.


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  1. cavineet • 109 days ago #

    Hi Nicolas, I have been using pr real time extensively but just end of the day. I would appreciate some advice on automated system where system it buys on cross over of 8 and 20 and sell also accordingly. How to get started with that automated system?
    Can you suggested the possible steps? I have interactive broker account


    • Nicolas • 108 days ago #

      Please ask questions on forums. Not the place here and not related to that post:)

  2. FabiusMor • 2 days ago #

    Good afternoon Nicolas,
    in your opinion, this indicator is somehow similar to the one described in this ( document in the first half of page 7?

    Thank you and have a nice day.


    • Nicolas • 1 day ago #

      Yes this is the same as described in this document.

  3. FabiusMor • 1 day ago #

    Thank you Nicolas. As I said in the other post I don’t know how to make a screener out of it yet. I’ll take a look to the documentation. Thanks a lot!

  4. FabiusMor • 2 hours ago #

    Hi Nicolas, as you suggested I made a screener out of your indicator and the results are really interesting. Couple of questions:
    -why you divided by 2*atr?
    -in your opinion could be interesting to add two more timeframes in the calculation? Like 3, 6,9 and 12 months.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

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