LastManStanding Swing indicator

LastManStanding Swing indicator

This indicator is about Dow’s theory, it detects the highs and lows of a trend to clearly identify trends or periods when the market is in range.
It has major points (based on a long-term calculation) and minor points (calculated on a short term). These periods are of course adjustable, it also includes a moving average of type and adjustable period to match your style of ‘swing trader’.

Converted from an MQL4 code, by a request in the Italian trading indicator’s forum.


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  1. swapping • 11/14/2017 #

    Merci Nicolas, voila encore un bon indicateur visuel pour les tendances…

  2. Genotik • 11/14/2017 #

    Un Indicateur bien pratique à intégré dans sa stratégie, Thanks ! 🙂

  3. DaxRider • 11/14/2017 #

    Thanks Nicolas
    Nice Job

  4. klaus • 11/14/2017 #

    Hi Nicolas,
    this indicator is repainting, is it?

    • Nicolas • 11/14/2017 #

      There’s no repainting indicator in prorealtime. But this one plots the points afterwards of course. There’s always a delay to be sure a higher high is really one!

  5. HerveS_67 • 11/14/2017 #

    Attention, regardez bien la construction du code !!!
    Les points bleu s’affichent entre barindex-1 & barindex-10
    Les points violet s’affichent entre barindex-1 & barindex-26
    Donc décalage…

  6. wintreb • 11/14/2017 #

    Un outil très visuel et utile

  7. darbes • 11/14/2017 #

    Hi Nicolas
    How could I use the indicator in a strategy ? Coding do not recognize the indicator.

    • Nicolas • 11/14/2017 #

      What do you want to do exactly? Because dots are plotted afterwards..

  8. rama • 11/14/2017 #

    I want to place buy or sell order just after the last man , what is the code to use ? i tried to place buy or sell instead of drawtext it is not working

    • Nicolas • 11/14/2017 #

      But it should, please open a new specific topic in the ProOrder automatic trading forum.

  9. Jean-Claude REGIS • 11/14/2017 #

    Quel est le retard d’affichage des points mineurs et majeurs ?
    Merci de votre rep Cordialement

    • Nicolas • 11/14/2017 #

      Désolé, je ne comprends pas la question 🙂

  10. tjrp_fr • 11/14/2017 #

    Très intéressant, merci !

  11. niroy2000 • 11/14/2017 #

    Please help the above is not working for me

    • Nicolas • 11/14/2017 #

      what is not working please? attach the indicator on your price chart and it should work correctly.

  12. Admiral • 11/14/2017 #

    Do the dots appear on the candle close or after a certain amount of candles?

    • Nicolas • 11/14/2017 #

      Yes that’s right, they are painted backwards.

  13. Louloute • 11/14/2017 #

    Bonjour Nicolas,
    Je ne comprends pas bien la fonction des 2 lignes ci-dessous, pourriez-vous m’expliquer brièvement ?
    Pourquoi ne pas partir avec les valeurs des premières chandelles ?

  14. claudiofred • 252 days ago #

    Bonjour Nicolas,
    merci encore pour ce super indicateur. se demander s’il est possible d’écrire un screener basé sur cet indicateur.
    merci beaucoup.

    • Nicolas • 252 days ago #

      Screener déjà présent sur le forum ici:

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