Gap trading Catcher V2

Gap trading Catcher V2

Hi all,

This is a modification to Gap trading Catcher.

It uses Mid-level day indicator and Williams’ 3 bar trailing stop.

Tested on AEX25, 2 minutes timeframe, 200k backtest, spread 0.1

Optimised p1 and p2 in range 1 to 7

Exit positions are made with the help of the Williams 3 bars trailing stop indicator found here:

If criteria are met it enters 9u am. Keeps positions overnight but closes at Friday 22u pm.

The strategy takes a while to load.

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  1. Nicolas • 11/13/2017 #

    Hi Paul, thank you for your code. There are not so many trading strategies for AEX25 around here 🙂
    The strategy takes a while to load because of all these unnecessary FOR/NEXT loops in your code, this could be optimized to a few lines and increase the speed of calculation.

  2. mrripley99 • 11/13/2017 #

    First impressions, looks great, backtests well across a number of markets, great on nikei. Only seems to take long trades, can’t see why?

  3. Paul • 11/13/2017 #

    thnx nicolas, will take that advise and see if I can improve the speed.
    mrripley99, set countofshortshares < 0 to 1. It can do both long and short same time, or do it separately.

  4. BiggestNoob • 11/13/2017 #

    Hi Paul, Thank you for your code. I have tested it on several pairs and noticed that it never opens short positions although there is code for it?

  5. ProContra • 11/13/2017 #

    It seems that after publishing it started drawdown.

  6. Kris75 • 11/13/2017 #

    Seems great but what would be the code for a stock ?

  7. oakenstream • 11/13/2017 #

    Paul, what is the best way in your opinion to know if I have over optimized?

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