John Ehlers – Correlation Cycle

John Ehlers – Correlation Cycle

The Correlation Cycle Indicator was created by John Ehlers (Stocks & Commodities TASC). This particular indicator was designed for trend direction and trend strength and simply buy when it is green and sell when it turns red. Also keep in mind that the higher the indicator is above the signal then the stronger the trend and when they are close together, conditions get choppy.

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  1. Didouqc • 05/28/2020 #

    Merci pour ce partage. Semble prometteur en Trendfollowing.
    Cependant, une partie du code semble être en double, et un paramètre P3 initialisé à 64 semble ne pas servir.
    Bonne journée.

  2. Ste • 05/28/2020 #

    Thanks. I would like if possible some further explanation and clarification on the P3 (64) not used.thxs

  3. Jan • 05/28/2020 #

    Hi Actarus,

    Thanks for the code !
    To get the picture as attached above from the indicator you need to switch on (set to 1) all, at the Input settings , yes ? So far I did not tested it, just assuming.
    // Inputs Setting
    Period = 14
    InputPeriod = 0 // Uses price data if 0
    ShowCycleIndicator = 1 // Booleano Indicator Mode –> 1 OK
    ShowCycleIndex = 0 // Booleano Index Mode –> 1, change
    ShowPhasorAngle = 0 // Booleano Show Angle Phasor Mode –> 1, change
    ShowMarketState = 0 // Booleano Show Market State Mode –> 1, change

  4. Actaru5 • 05/28/2020 #

    Caio Jan,
    con ognuno dei setting ottieni un indicatore visualizzato diverso, ma tutti sono generati dallo stesso codice di base.

  5. ggolfet • 05/28/2020 #

    Hi Actarus, what’s the name of the histogram indicator below Apple’s chart?

    • Actaru5 • 05/28/2020 #

      Flag ShowState in setting and show histogram

  6. NicolaSilvagni • 78 days ago #

    hi, thank you for creating this indicator.
    i can’t figure out how to get the three graphs below the apple chart like you did.
    When i import this code i only get green and red lines on the apple chart and nothing below, how can i do that?

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