Fibonacci bands with ATR

Fibonacci bands with ATR

Hi all,

Here is a code from one of the visitors of my website : “Winnie37”.
He asked me to make a code of Fibonacci Bands with ATR, but I didn’t have the time to create it within the week, and I didn’t knew the formula.

So he coded it himself (congratulations !), and allowed me to publish it.
Here it is, simple and effective.

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  1. supertiti • 09/15/2016 #

    La periode de la moyenne et de l’ATR est identique (20), est ce normal ? un ATR standart tourne autour de 12 il me semble
    un avis ?

    • Doctrading • 09/15/2016 #

      A chacun de définir les périodes de son choix.

  2. Dymjohn • 09/15/2016 #

    I downloaded this but will only open in a separate window. Can anyone explain how to show on the main chart as illustrated?

    • Nicolas • 09/15/2016 #

      Use the wrench of the price chart! Upper left of the window

    • Dymjohn • 09/15/2016 #

      The wrench shows options for the components of the indicator not how to show in the main chart window. Don’t understand Nicolas.

    • Nicolas • 09/15/2016 #

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