Candle strength

Candle strength

The candle strength indicator measure the “strenght” of the current candlestick by comparing its OHLC value between them.

Red and green histogram are created depending of the direction of the candlestick (bullish or bearish ones).

Code converted from MT4 version by a request in the ProBuilder french forum.


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  1. JohnScher • 10/29/2017 #

    Fine Work.
    I am currently working on divergences.
    I wanted to ask if there was already a basic code published here and if so, if you could reply me with a link?

    P.S. My contribution: DeepL, translator, my text written in German, translated by DeepL

    • Nicolas • 10/29/2017 #

      There are many divergences indicators on the website already, please make a quick search with the website search engine. Thank you.

  2. JohnScher • 10/29/2017 #

    indicators i did fond, no problem, but a basic code to trade maybe RSI divergence didn´t found. It already exists? Search engine i can´t find too… i m sry can you help?

  3. Daniel3987 • 95 days ago #

    Please how do I add the prc candle strength to my mt5 on an iPhone

    • Nicolas • 95 days ago #

      You can’t, this indicator is made to be used with prorealtime trading platform.

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