Candlestick Timeframe 5-minutes

Candlestick Timeframe 5-minutes

After a lot of laborious testing, I finally managed to code a 5 minute candlestick on a 1 minute unit of time.

This indicator has no concrete purpose in use as displayed on the presentation image.

On the other hand, you can use these variables to give your indicators the exact coordinates of a higher timeframe.

In short, no more approximate use of the multiplier!

This only gives the variables adapted to 5 minutes, if you want another unit of time you can ask via the forum or do it on your own.

Yours sincerely,


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  1. HansLatour • 11/09/2020 #

    Hi, when applying the indicator to a screen I get an error that TT must have a value and be bigger than 0. Do I have to fill in variables somewhere?

    • Nicolas • 11/09/2020 #

      I suggest you download the itf file to get the complete code

    • oxy75 • 11/09/2020 #

      Same for me 😉

  2. IV Mcm • 11/09/2020 #

    Also make sure you have enough data to display the entire indicator

  3. renala • 11/09/2020 #

    Hey thanks for the work, I was excited hoping it would work on 100 ticks saving me some space but I get the same error. If the timeframe is changed to 1day, it seems to be working tho

  4. tianel76 • 11/09/2020 #

    salut sa ne marche pas

  5. ThePenntChemist • 11/09/2020 #

    I added this indicator into 1 min TF chart. It only show two black line on the candles. Any idea??

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