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    Trying to find those stocks where these 3 conditions have been met on any day over the past 15 days

    Doesnt seem to work – what am I missing please?


    Hi, “n” on line 9 is defined as a condition, so will always be equal to either 0 or 1

    and in line 11 when defining “c1=…” you ask for n between 0 (included) and 15 (included), that doesn’t feel like the same n as the one defined in line 9 being 0 or 1, or other possibility you actually meant the same n but wanted something else than checking it’s between 0 and 15… You’d have to explain what you expect from c1 for someone to make a translation into code suggestion



    Im trying to find where the above condition (c1) has been met at some point over the past 15 days




    Ok, then you can use the command “summation” on c1, either on 15 (current day + past 14) or on 16 (current+past 15), to check that sum is at least one and stored in c2:





    If you want to know when the condition is true“, you can use the instruction BarsSince (Returns the number of candlesticks/bars passed since the last true condition). When you run the screener, you will see in the column “BSCondition” the number of days that have passed since the condition is true… These numbers range from zero (on current day the condition is true) to 14 (the condition was true 14 days ago)

    You will also see “-1” in the list and this means that the condition has NOT been true in the last 14 days…

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