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    I am a new user to ProRealTime and have issues with the back test function

    I get the error ‘Instrument optimization limit reached’

    ‘Delete some existing instrument before adding new one’

    see attached

    Does anyone know how to delete existing?






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    Hi Mark,

    To me it seems something odd around what you see below. I don’t think that you added more (one tab shows) but if you recognize that you played with that, it could be the or a culprit ?
    (and then maybe because it requires the Premium version of PRT ?)


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    I have never seen that message / screen in my 6 years of using PRT!

    Then again, I don’t add Instruments! 🙂  What are you adding Instruments to?

    Are you trying to optimise several Instruments at once?

    Optimising one is like ‘watching paint dry‘ as it’s so slow, how can you cope with opti more than 1 at time?  Anyway whenever I have, by mistake, set 2 opti going; one seems to sit there doing nothing until the other has finished??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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