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    Good afternoon All


    I’ve done a bit of basic indicator coding – bar colour changes etc but I presume that the attached is more related to arrays etc ???  beyond me at the moment.

    If anybody can make sense of the attached and point me in the right direction and any pitfalls I need to be aware of .


    Thanks in advance

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    Can you explain in details what your pic shows, to be able to better understand what you need?



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    I’ve been working on the code and I’ve got it working.

    I’ve gone as far as 10 bars at the moment – is there a simpler way rather than generating longer formula for each line ??


    My stopping point at the moment is setting a minimum number of results through input value – its giving me random results ??


    Thanks in advance



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    The idea is working on the peaks of the highs as per attachment

    Criteria’s as follows

    1.Previous Peaks – cant be higher than the peak being tested

    2. Previous Peaks – cant be lower than any bar that’s been previous

    3. Previous Peaks – cant be lower than peak test bar close

    4.  This can happen on numerous occasions  until we go above the test peak high


    5. Once finished a minimum peaks criteria needs to be met before the test peak candle can be highlighted.


    Hope it makes more sense

    Thanks in advance

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    A bit more learning over the weekend

    Can anybody highlight what basic errors are stopping this loop from working ?



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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