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    Apologies for using the quote button.

    Regardless of using my fictitious example, is there a way to use the ‘return’ statement to output the contents of an array? I guess not?

    Thanks again.


    No. RETURN requires each value to be listed separately so we have to use graphic instructions to output the values in the array if there are a lot of them.

    Using DRAWTEXT can be a bit of a pain because we first have to convert our output to a non array type variable as DRWATEXT will not accept array variables.

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    Thanks for your help Vonasi.


    Hello everyone, hello Nicolas and Vonasi,

    Do you know if it is possible to RESET AN ARRAY?
    I’m very sorry if the question has already be asked (I haven’t find in topic but my english level being bad so I have maybe missed it…)

    Thank you,



    No you can’t reset an array but you can create as many as you want. But you can also loop through all the array column and give that column a value of 0 for instance, this index would be “set” (isset?) but with a 0 or any value you want to mark it as NULL.

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    I’m a new bod to coding prorealtime, I find trawling through help files a litttle clumbersum but get a lot out of these posts with example coding that  help me formulate code for my strategies. So just saying thanks that its all helpful to many levels of readers and I learn faster through trialling the code backtesting and tweaking. Got my first 3 codes running from this week, backtested of course. Very basic though but effective in backtesting, employed with good risk management of course.., but I’m finding my current knowledge restrictive when formulating code for entering on things like trend cycling, so all these titbits will hopefully get me there..



    Honestly, I have no clue about array. Just wondering of this feature will allow someone to code indicators based on chart clicks, save the data etc. See image below – example from MT4.






    this topic ONLY deals with programming arrays. If you have no clue what they are, read this topic and other related ones or common programming rules for any known language.

    Arrays only deal with an improved way of writing lines of code and make it easier to write more complicates software.

    They have nothing to do with graphics, or interaction between charts and code.

    What you are asking concerns the platform in general, the question has arisen multiple times, and the answer is NO. If you want to suggest new features you may use teh aforementioned forum.




    Hello Nicolas, I would like to get in touch with you, I am a novice with ideas in my head but I need an open mind which will be, I wish, your acquaintances. Thanks in advance, Regards.



    Only post in the language of the forumthat you are posting in. For example English only in the English speaking forums and French only in the French speaking forums.

    Thank you 🙂


    Bonjour, je m’appelle Nicolas j’ai 17 ans et j’aurais besoin de votre aide pour trouver un indicateur si vous pouvez mz donner votre email ou autre pour que je puisse vous expliquer exactment ce que je cherche ca serai genial. Merci encore pour vos poste et votre travail je vous suis il y a déjà 1 an et ca ma enormement appris j’espere que vous aller continue a posté et que vous pourrez m’aider pour mon indicateur. MERCI!

    Hello, my name is Nicolas I am 17 years old and I would need your help to find an indicator if you can give me your email or something so that I can explain to you exactly what I am looking for it will be great. Thank you again for your post and your work, I followed you a year ago and that I learned a lot. I hope that you continue to post and that you can help me with my indicator. THANK YOU!




    @Nole djole – I’m not sure what you have learned in the last year but it clearly is not what the few simple forum rules are.

    Use only the language of the forum that you are posting in being one of the really simple ones.


    @Nole djole

    Please stop asking the same question, you have appended your question 3 times in 3 differents topics. DO NOT append questions to existing topic, especially if your subject is different and even worse if you keep it undisclosed.

    Nicolas already replied to you somewhere giving you any advice to reach him (you may also use the contact form).

    We know you want to talk to Nicolas. Nicolas knows you want to talk to him. Please stop spamming the forum! Thank you 🙂




    yes but how this forum work where did he respond to my question?




    did you post that question or your account was hackered or you posted too many times and can’t find replies?

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