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    English only in the English forums!

    Thank you 🙂

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    Nicolas is out of office today and asked me to inform that ARRAY support is already available to all users having PRT accounts!


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    Very good news, thank you!

    Do we have to do a particular manipulation (I just restarted the platform and I don’t see the new array instructions …)

    Thank you in advance,

    v11.1 – 1.8.0_45    20 févr. 2020

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    Nicolas’ code at, works fine, did you try?

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    Yes I did, but it didn’t work (with errors reported from line 15, with $TOPy …)

    My last update was on February 20, yours on February 22, could that be a problem?

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    Try with a free account at

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    The new version will be pushed for PRT trading accounts (with IB) during the next week or so. In the mean time you can try building new amazing things with a free EOD account @

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    Hi Nicolas,

    The probability cone now compiles correctly.

    I enclose an attachment.

    You mention VolTyp as a possible parameter instead of vol = 0.025.

    I cannot find that in the function list. How would that be calculated?

    Thank you for  useful addition to the indicators.


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    For options pricing, it is better to use the implied volatility or the historic volatility. I’ll try tomorrow to add a more dynamic way to find the correct value for that setting.

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    Thank you Nicolas. That would be much appreciated!

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    Example #5: tag exact time and price of an event (2 MA cross over) in real time, during the same bar

    With variable array we are now capable of record events that occurred during a bar and not only at bar closure. In this example the code is checking on each new tick if 2 MA are crossing and therefore record the exact price and time when it happens.

    For convenient reading I made the text plotted as an oscillator at 0 value. I also had blue and red arrows on the price coordinate to mark the bullish and bearish signals events.


    1. PRC_array-example5-barEvent.itf
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    Thanks for that last example Nicolas. I learnt from it that we have to convert our array variable into a non array variable to use in drawtext. That might save me a lot of time scratching my head in the future when first trying to draw an array value!

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    Good evening Nicolas,
    I took the code as it was, I understood its coding
    and however I have no results on the graph.
    I can’t understand why.
    I’m version 11

    an idea about the possible problem
    Thank you

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    This topic is in English, please respect other people reading it. I suppose you are talking about the last example (number 5).  Are you trying to use it on a software account? That indicator will not show anything in history at first load, the event must be found in realtime during the candlestick forming.

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    Example #6: Flat base triangle aka double top/bottom

    This example is using the similar framework than in the first one, by storing the tops and bottoms fractals we can easily find some graphical patterns in the chart. The code is looking 2 recent points (tops or bottoms, peaks or valleys), check if they are almost flat (price change percent less than the percent setting), draw a segment between the 2 points. Then it finds the lowest or highest price between the twos and draw the flat base triangle. Note that the 3rd point of the triangle is plotted at mid way between the 2 points of the base and not at the exact bar that created the highest or lowest.

    This snippet could be modded/extended to many more interesting things, I count on you to give back some useful codes! 🙂


    1. array6_flat-base-triangle.itf
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