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    I’m trying to understand better the use of array, and for example I read the indicator at this link made by Nicolas:

    If I Want to make a strategy using midlevel,is it correct this way?

    It works, of course no good, but I’m not sure that this indicator is configured to work with timeframe (1 day) updateonclose. Buying share at midlevel, probably I’d have to use an array also for midlevel?

    thank’s in advance to everyone can help me understand



    Firstly, you have placed the two lines where midlevel is calculated in different places. The first one is in between two ENDIFs, while the latter is inside the inner ENDIF. They will behave differently.

    Secondly, what do you mean exactly by MIDLEVEL?



    hi roberto,

    I just wanted to incorporate the array support/resistance in a strategy, I made comments the parts with draw rectangle. for what I understand  Midlevel is the middle value between a bottom or a top that overlap with a previous bottom or top before in a range of 0,5 %. the midlevel is the middle point of the range between the two bottoms or two tops identified by this condition, is it right?

    what I want is to understand when price is in the range given by the condition of the indicator;  for simplicity I’ve used midlevel Because I’d not know how to identify that area of support or resistance. Midlevel is used both for tops and bottoms, so this makes me confuse. Can you enlight me please?


    you’re right, midlevel should be in the same place.


    If it’s possible Roberto it’d be great if you can explain me, in afew words without loosing your time, how could be used this code in astrategy. Price closes in the area of support and buy.thank’s in advance! I owe you a coffe! 🙂


    I’ve tried to figure out my way, for what I could understand, but backtest don’t gove any rssult, I don’t understand what is wrong.

    should be correct. I don’t understand. Please Roberto if you can help me would be great.



    You need to post the full details of your entry conditions and explain what you mean by MIDLEVEL.

    If you can add some pics with comments it would be beneficial 🙂


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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