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    Looking for a developer to simply separate the buy side from the sell side of an existing code

    Here are the indicators:

    timeframe(5 minutes) imacd=MACD[12,26,9](close) isto=Stochastic[14,3](close) iw=Williams[14](close)


    Below shows the 3 buy conditions which must be true – all at the same time – to result in a BUY / Long  Trade.



    SellShort Conditions below

    To clarify …

    We use Buy to enter Long and Sell to exit a Long.

    We use SellShort to enter Short and ExitShort to exit a Short.


    thank GraHal,

    Not a programmer, can you place these in a workable file for ProRealTime trading  or refer me to How to instructions ?



    The .itf file that you attached on your first post is a ready made strategy … you need to play about with all the variable values including the ptrailing 10 as this will not work at all well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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