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    The 4H systems run in the demo account.
    The 4H trades are currently opened 15 minutes later, i. e. 09.15 o’ clock instead of 09.00 o’ clock, 13.15 o’ clock instead of 13.00 o’ clock, etc.
    Does anyone know the problem and can help?

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    Did you see below John??

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    Thanks GraHal,

    I was going to send him the link. I feel much better it is not a single case.


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    Hello again.


    Thanks so lot for the information


    IG wrote in mail answer


    Thank you for your information. I ask you to keep an eye on this for the next two days, as we are currently providing a new platform for our German customers, and I have received the information that certain changes will be made to our demo account server. I would like to make sure that the problem is not caused by this change.

    I ask for your understanding.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Yours sincerely,

    trading services


    T 0 800 181 8831 (free of charge from the German fixed network)
    T 0 800 202 512 (free of charge from the Austrian fixed network)
    T +49 (0)211 882 370 50
    F +44 207 390 3816

    Translated with



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    Hi all,

    in order to allow us to analyze the issue you report in detail could you please send a technical report by following these instructions:

    • Go to the “Help” menu on the ProRealTime toolbar.
    • Click on “Technical support”
    • Select “Automatic Trading”
    • Give as many details as possible, explain the issue you are having in the text box and mention the name of the code you are referring to.
    • Add the link to this post in the message box
    • To receive in depth assistance, it is necessary to analyze the code itself which is encrypted on our servers. To allow our technicians temporary access, please check the box marked “I authorize the decryption of the codes…”
    • Click “Send report”

    This will send us a report containing technical information concerning your platform, which will allow our technical team to run a diagnostic analysis of the issue you have come across.
    After having done this, please send an email with your IG demo account number to “” in order to allow me to contact our technical team directly concerning this issue.

    Many thanks in advance,


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