Step ALMA VHF Filter Hi/Lo

Step ALMA VHF Filter Hi/Lo

Since I get many positive returns about the ALMA VHF Hi/Lo Bands posted previously, I decided to add the “step” function to it. The version below adds a filtering made with ATR such as a SuperTrend-like indicator.

This code is needed for the above one to work properly:

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  1. ottimo • 11/15/2018 #

    Congratulations Nicolas,
    What should I do for the 2 files I have to add them both in the graph or just add “prc_stepalma-vhf-hilo-band.itf” and the other file “prc_alma-vhf-filter.itf” simply keep it in the Library?

    • Nicolas • 11/15/2018 #

      Only the “//PRC_StepALMA-VHF Hi/Lo band” is required, it uses the second code automatically. Be sure to have them both in your platform indicators list.

  2. ottimo • 11/15/2018 #

    Thank you Nicolas, great indicator, N. 1

  3. tikigai • 36 days ago #

    Merci Nicolas! First Happy new Year 2020.

    Very good indicator BUT (yes the french “oui, mais”) the prorealtime is dramatically slow when I add this indicator even if I display only 200 Units in PRT.
    I suppose that the CALL of the “prc_alma-vhf-filter” indicator is slowing everything.
    What can I do to avoid this problem?

    Thank you.

    • Nicolas • 36 days ago #

      Whats prorealtime version? Did you try in version prior to v11?
      indicator’s call and loop can indeed have this effect, I think that a “defparam calculateonlastbars=1000” at the top of the code could limit the loading time.

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