RSI Reverse Engineering indicator

RSI Reverse Engineering indicator

With the RSI Reverse Engineering indicator, you are able to calculate the price of the next candle on a certain value of the RSI. E.g. what price is needed for the RSI to be at 70 on the next candle.

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  1. Matt B • 09/14/2018 #

    Thank you Louis. I just download,
    Which system do you recommend ?

    • Louis Winthorp III • 09/14/2018 #

      Hi Matt, there is not a specific system. For traders using the RSI in their setup, with this indicator they can see which share price is needed on the next bar to achieve a certain value RSI value. Let’s say the RSI(x) is currently on 76, and you want to know the share price the next bar if the RSI would touch the 80 line. The indicator gives you the needed share price.

  2. Kosuda76 • 09/14/2018 #

    Hi Louis! This indicator has helped me a lot, has tried to get the RSI 30 extracted in the graph without success. Can you help me?

  3. Louis Winthorp III • 09/14/2018 #

    Hi Kosuda76, have you downloaded the rsi_revengineering.itf file? Then you can set any value you want. (The example code above contains hard coded 70 and 14 values)

  4. Kosuda76 • 09/14/2018 #

    Thanks for your reply! But I do not really understand what the opposite of them the values ​​you entered. ;-(

  5. AdriTrade • 09/14/2018 #

    Good job Louis!! How could do this for the Williams indicator? Thank you very much.

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