Bill Williams Fractals

Bill Williams Fractals

“In order for a fractal to form, there should be a series of 5 consecutive bars where the middle bar will be the highest preceded and followed by two lower neighbouring bars on each side.”

Since this indicator is frequently requested on forums, I put the code here (author: SOHOCOOL).

Fractals can be used in many different approach:

  • Market points reversal
  • Breakout of recent fractals points
  • Trend line drawn from recent fractals

The “Low Fractal” and “High Fractal” may be set to ‘points’ style in the platform to have a clearer view of them on the price chart. 



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  1. Doctrading • 05/24/2016 #

    Hi Nicolas,
    Thanks for sharing, interesting code.
    Maybe someone could make a strategy based on it.Best regards,

  2. from8to800 • 05/24/2016 #

    I get the lines, but cannot get the segments?

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      set the “Low Fractal” and ‘High Fractal” to points and not lines.

  3. from8to800 • 05/24/2016 #

    If you do it like follows, it prints arrows instead of lines.
    You’re welcome.
    if high[cp] >= highest[2*cp+1](high) then
    LH = 1

    if low[cp] <= lowest[2*cp+1](low) then
    LL= -1

    if LH=1 then
    DRAWARROWUP(barindex[2], high[cp]*1.05)

    if LL = -1 then
    DRAWARROWDOWN(barindex[2], low[cp]*0.93)


    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Thanks a lot! Share of any kind are always appreciated! 😉

  4. viggy • 05/24/2016 #

    Thanks for posting this, I have tried to put it on my charts but I am getting it in a separate window rather than on the chart, is there anything I have to do with the settings?
    I tried the other one with the arrows but I am getting an error with line 14 and 15 due to a ( not being expected?
    I would really appreciate any help, 
    Kind regards, 

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Please use the wrench on the upper left corner of the chart to add an indicator on the price chart. The other indicators with arrows is only compatible with prorealtime version 10.3.

  5. viggy • 05/24/2016 #

    Hi Nicolas, 
    Thank you for the quick reply and I have now been able to get the indicator on the price rather than in a separate window. 
    My next question is I now have two consecutive lines like a bollenger bands rather than lines at the highs and lows of the price. How do I get it to look like the picture above? I am running 10.2 is that the problem?

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Set it as points and not lines, in the indicator’s window parameters.

  6. viggy • 05/24/2016 #

    Perfect, thank you Nicolas! 🙂

  7. Sam Ventura • 05/24/2016 #

    ça marche pas PRT me dit erreur de syntaxe : cp ? veuillez définir la variable 

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Bien entendu, la ligne 4 est commentĂ©! 🙂

  8. Sam Ventura • 05/24/2016 #

    OK mais on fait comment, pour un gros nul de la programmation comme moi ?

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Il faut simplement supprimer les // ou ajouter cette variable dans les paramĂštres de l’indicateur

  9. Sam Ventura • 05/24/2016 #

    je comprend pas ? ça ma marche pas
    il faudrait un exemple, merci

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      La ligne 4 doit ressembler Ă  ceci:
      cp = 2
      Tu pourras changer la valeur 2 par celle qui te convient Ă©galement.

  10. Sam Ventura • 05/24/2016 #

    ça donne pas le mĂȘme indicateur que celui montrer ? c’est normal

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      “cp”, c’est un paramĂštre que l’on peut modifier Ă  volontĂ©. Sinon pour avoir les points, il faut paramĂštrer les valeurs retournĂ©es en mode “point”.

  11. Elsborgtrading • 05/24/2016 #

    Hi, the ver, with arrows is this only for PRT, 10.3?
    I get errors in ver 10.2
    Cheers Kasper

  12. Elsborgtrading • 05/24/2016 #

    I can see that the graphical instruction for DRAWARROW is only for PRT V.10.3 so there’s the error.

  13. tradingpro • 05/24/2016 #

    cosa si deve mettere al posto di 
    mi potete dare un codice gia completo per il fractal?grazie

  14. fab • 05/24/2016 #

    Syntax errors for ver 10.2, not tried it on 10.3. 
    Any of you get this to work on 10.2??

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Please uncomment the line 4 or use the imported ITF file instead.

  15. xtremriders • 05/24/2016 #

    Hi there Here is the code than i had to modifie a bit as the arrows weren’t in the right places,above/under the candles. I have also added colour for better understanding.


    if high[cp] >= highest[2*cp+1](high) then
    LH = 1

    if low[cp] <= lowest[2*cp+1](low) then
    LL= -1

    if LH=1 then
    DRAWARROWUP(barindex[2], high[cp]+0.0001)coloured(0,255,0)

    if LL = -1 then
    DRAWARROWDOWN(barindex[2], low[cp]-0.0001)coloured(255,10,10)


    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Thank you for sharing this modification. In previous PRT version (before 10.3), it was impossible to draw in past history, that’s why the fractals were not placed at the exact fractals candlesticks.

  16. Ciccio • 05/24/2016 #

    Slightly modified, for those interested (I hope I didn’t make mistakes)
    /////////// FRACTALS BILL WILLIAMS//Variable:
    //cp = 2 (default)
    cp = 2
    if (High[cp] > High[cp+2]) AND (High[cp] > High[cp+1]) AND (High[cp] > High[cp-1]) AND (High[cp] > High[cp-2]) thenLH = 1elseLH=0endif
    if (Low[cp] < Low[cp+2]) AND (Low[cp] < Low[cp+1]) AND (Low[cp] < Low[cp-1]) AND (Low[cp] < Low[cp-2]) thenLL= -1elseLL=0endif
    if LH=1 thenDRAWARROWUP(barindex[cp], High[cp]*1.0008) COLOURED(0,10,255)endif
    if LL  = -1 thenDRAWARROWDOWN(barindex[cp], Low[cp]*0.9992) COLOURED(255,0,10)

  17. Ciccio • 05/24/2016 #

    What is the piece of code that must be added to make it draw lines, to the extreme right of the chart, from the 2 most recent fractals?

  18. Ciccio • 05/24/2016 #

    … in a few words a Fractal Channel….

  19. Ciccio • 05/24/2016 #

    … that you posted at the beginning
    sorry… delete post if you want

  20. adamalaska • 05/24/2016 #

    Hello there Nicolas,
    Is there a way of coding the arrow fractal for it to alarm when it appears?
    Thank you,

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      You can already use the alarm tool to trigger alerts with the red/green dots of this indicator. 

  21. Real Pro • 05/24/2016 #

    Why do I get this error when I try to add the arrows please?

    “One of the following characters would be more suitable than “if”?”

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Try the code from this comment:

  22. Real Pro • 05/24/2016 #

    Thanks Nicolas. Same response. It gives an error for the word ‘if’.

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Do you have version 10.3? What broker?

  23. Real Pro • 05/24/2016 #

    Yes 10.3, IG Markets.

  24. mcha • 05/24/2016 #

    Merci Nicolas,
    j’ai pris l’option points ce qui fait des quasi segment sur des UT courtes ( jour) mais en hebdo c’est plus light, est-ce possible d’avoir un segment continu (l’option proposĂ©e par PRT ligne + points gĂ©nĂšre des lignes reliant les fractales ce qui alourdit le graphe). Merci par avance

  25. adayag • 05/24/2016 #

    Hi, I was looking for an asymmetrical fractal to be set on Pro Real Time and I have found the code on this page. Unfortunately it gives a syntax error: define the variable cp

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Yes define it. Uncomment the cp variable (delete the //) or just download the itf file and import it directly into the platform to get this setting available in the indicator’s window.

  26. adayag • 05/24/2016 #

    Thank you. I could upload it on the Pro Real Time platform, but it is not the same indicator in the Image. It shows a green segmented line above, a red segmented line below and a Grey area between them. I need an indicator for the poitioning of a continuously moving stop loss (like a trailng stop). Here it is better explaied:

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      You only need to set these lines to points in the indicator settings.

  27. adayag • 05/24/2016 #

    I deleted the //, but it gives a further error on line 4

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Please download the file and import it.

  28. adayag • 05/24/2016 #

    Hi Nicolas, thank you for your answer. Nothing has been changed after having applied your instructions. The indicator that I have is completely different from what is expected to be. How can I send you a screenshot?

  29. adayag • 05/24/2016 #

    You can find the screenshot at the following link:
    I hope it helps

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Please add it on your price chart instead (click on the wrench on the left upper side of your price chart) and remove the color zone.

  30. adayag • 05/24/2016 #

    Hi Nicolas, thank you for your answer. I clicked on the wrench but after that I don’t know where to remove the color zone. I have also asked my broker.

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      To remove the color zone, just delete it in the indicator settings.

  31. adayag • 05/24/2016 #

    I would like to have the same Indicator showed at the beginning of this page. It would be comprehensible for me with the same settings that are in the Image, otherwise I don’t know to read it

  32. crolakstrading • 05/24/2016 #

    Hi Nicolas, is it possible to make this into the black background?? as when you put this into the black background on PRT.. it shows a white colour in between the green and red lines?

  33. crolakstrading • 05/24/2016 #

    oops sorry.. i manage to get that out!! thanks!!

  34. Diego Alonso Garrido • 05/24/2016 #

    How its possible to change the number of candles needed for the fractal formed???

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Yes, change the quantity with the Cp variable at the beginning of the code.

  35. jtmoney • 05/24/2016 #

    Hi, great indicator. However, when I put it on as an indicator it doesn’t show up the chart but rather a new indicator tab below. Sorry if this is basic, I’m quite new. Any thoughts? Thanks very much!

    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      add it on price by using the wrench at the upper left side of the price chart.

  36. rollersk8er • 05/24/2016 #

    Hi Nicolas, I am trying to change this indicator to work with 3 candles instead of 5 but cannot get it to work properly when changing the CP. Any suggestions please?



    • Nicolas • 05/24/2016 #

      Je vous suggĂšre de faire une recherche sur le site avec le mot clĂ© ‘fractals’, il existe beaucoup de versions diffĂ©rentes, peut-ĂȘtre que l’une d’entre elles vous apportera satisfaction.

  37. Traderfox06 • 05/24/2016 #

    Dear Nicolas,
    all the best for 2019 and thanks for this contribution. I love this indicator, because it combines both powerful Regression and Williams Fractals concepts. Since I am not skilled enough to convert this into an automated scalping system, I really would appreciate if you could give an advice how to code the long/short signals here (see question above from „verygrubby“). At least it would be very helpful to me, to know how I can generate an acoustic signal (just a „beep“) in addition to the point plotting. I know, how to create alerts ( but code-generated alerts would be much more flexible. Thanks a lot in advance!

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