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189 days ago / Nicolas
How to Sell Your Trading Strategy
05/04/2021 / Nicolas
Deep learning applied to trading and financial markets
04/19/2021 / Nicolas
Machine learning applied to trading and financial markets
03/11/2021 / Nicolas
Trading: All about Robustness Testing and reliability of an algorithm
03/11/2021 / Nicolas
Automatic Trading: The Dangers of Over-Optimization
12/10/2020 / Jeanne
Mean Reversion Trading: The revert back towards the mean strategy
12/10/2020 / Jeanne
Everything you need to know about Automatic Trading [Guide 2021]
12/07/2020 / Jeanne
Swing Trading: Definition and Strategy (Complete Guide)
12/07/2020 / Jeanne
All about Trading Algorithms (Complete Guide)
11/13/2019 / Nicolas
ProRealTime v11 – new instructions and improvements in calculation speed
09/13/2018 / Nicolas
How to improve a strategy with simulated trades – part 1
08/08/2018 / Nicolas
Partial closure of positions when price is retracing – A complete function
07/03/2018 / Nicolas
First approach to multi timeframe trading with ProRealTime
04/28/2017 / Maz
How to speed up calculation of indicators?
04/26/2017 / Nicolas
How to use the ProRealTime Walk Forward analysis tool – FAQ
03/20/2017 / Nicolas
Display profit and loss on price chart with a custom indicator
02/23/2017 / Nicolas
Strategy optimisation with Walk Forward analysis
01/16/2017 / Nicolas
Buy and Hold comparison for automated trading strategies
01/04/2017 / Elsborgtrading
Overnight fees calculation for ProOrder strategies
11/23/2016 / Nicolas
Dynamic RGB color matrix for technical indicator