How to Sell Your Trading Strategy

Discover the seven steps in the sales process of your trading strategy to get your product in front of a large audience.

7 Steps to Sell Your Trading Strategy

How many traders convinced of the quality of their concept have already tried to market their trading strategy on their own without obtaining results? To avoid making a mistake and to succeed in marketing your trading strategy, there is a procedure to follow that should be strictly adhered to. Here are the steps.

Sell Trading Strategy

#1 Target your persona with precision

First of all, it is necessary to identify the audience to which your strategy will be addressed. The criteria that will allow you to filter this persona are not only general, but also specific to the trading world.

If the first questions that will come to mind concern the gender, age, level and place of life, as well as the consumption habits of your typical buyer, it will then be necessary to know the tools used by your audience (platform and trading software in particular), as well as their trading habits such as their frequency of trade and time spent in front of the screen, or the financial means they have at their disposal.


#2 Understand the problem you are going to solve

Now that you can visualize what your typical buyer looks like, it’s time to ask yourself how your trading strategy can provide concrete solutions to his problems.

Indeed, each trader has different objectives: to increase his return, to reduce his level of risk according to the volatility of the market, to save time and energy… The solutions sought can be diverse and varied. You must therefore be clear on the main added value of your strategy.


#3 Design a customized strategy

In order to reach its objective, your strategy must be adapted to its environment:

  • market conditions (traded assets, volatility, liquidity…),
  • time horizon (scalping, day trading, swing trading, position trading),
  • Semi-automatic trading or automatic trading

So many parameters are to be taken into account in the development of your strategy.

Therefore, it is up to you to establish a set of rules in order to optimize the performance of your strategy within a precise framework while avoiding false signals as much as possible.


#4 Programming with ProRealTime

Whether you are a novice or an expert in programming, ProRealTime software offers solutions to suit your level of knowledge.

In order to create an automatic trading system without programming, you can select the desired instruments, variables and parameters as well as the buying and selling conditions. In order to comply with money management rules, stop and take profit orders can be set at the end of the process, after which the code will be automatically generated by the platform.

The more experienced can use the ProBuilder language to generate their own trading systems via ProOrder. Several resources such as the Programming Manuals can accompany you on your way.


#5 Put it on sale on the marketplace

Is your strategy ready? Then it’s time to take advantage of ProRealCode’s MarketPlace to access a large community of buyers who are passionate about trading and likely to be interested in your solution.

However, before publishing your strategy, remember to conduct a competitive intelligence on the existing offer to ensure that your value proposition is unique and offers an adequate purchase price.


#6 Take care of your presentation

There are certain elements that need to appear on your sales page. Description and summary, product category and title, presentation image… Make sure that the description is complete and selling. It is also possible to add some links, in case you have a Youtube channel, a blog or other associated media.

Because your strategy is not the only element studied by the audience, also think of providing complete information about your profile and your contact details in order to be easily contacted and to answer with reactivity to any possible question from a prospect.


#7 Promote the product

Once your strategy has been put into practice, the work is not over: to multiply your results, think about making your product known around you.

Blog, YouTube channel, groups and social networks… Encourage your different circles of contacts to test, distribute and recommend the product, especially through reviews published directly on the MarketPlace.

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