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    I need to fix a problem I have with this code. The cumulative Histogram does not update the zigzag, to update I have to reset the indicator on the Intraday chart.

    Thank you very much, waiting for an answer.


    //PRC_CumulativeVolume ZigZag | indicator

    // — parameters
    percentVariation = 0.04

    zz = ZigZag[percentVariation](close)

    peak = zz<zz[1] and zz[1]>zz[2]
    tough = zz>zz[1] and zz[1]<zz[2]

    cumV = cumV+volume

    if peak then
    text = cumV/1000
    //drawtext(“#text#K”,barindex[1],cumV[1]+0.17*cumV[1],Dialog,Bold,12) coloured(0,200,0)
    cumV = Volume
    color = -1
    previousX = barindex[1]
    previousY = cumV[1]+0.20*cumV[1]
    elsif tough then
    text = cumV/1000
    //drawtext(“#text#K”,barindex[1],cumV[1]+0.23*cumV[1],Dialog,Bold,12) coloured(200,0,0)
    cumV = Volume
    color = 1
    previousX = barindex[1]
    previousY = cumV[1]+0.20*cumV[1]

    return cumV coloured by color


    Try increasing the units on the graph, 1000 or more.


    Thanks! But it’s already at 10k. Zigzag does not update, it continues with a normal histogram, but when I apply the indicator again in modify indicator yes, then it resumes the correct zig zag calculation


    Sorry, I can’t figure out why.


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    Because the zigzag is repainting, you want the indicator calculated upon it to recalculate the past datas also. With that code, it is not possible, that would need a complete rewrite of it.

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    Hi Nicolas, thanks for the reply. (I guess the code is not strange for you right = ) ..) By the way, your indicators are great, they are amazing, thanks for sharing.
    The code works very well, I like it a lot, it’s very useful for me. Only that, on intraday I often (not always) have to enter “Modify indicator” and click on “Apply to…” so that the indicator “updates” the calculation. This often plots a different current histogram than it was…

    What is the path, what should I do, how would this rewrite be possible?

    best regards,


    Here are two examples, in the second screenshot after I entered Modify Incadtor and clicked Apply to… the indicator plotted the corrected cumulative histogram


    Ok, so the below version will plot all the volumes accumulation from any top or bottom of the zigzag variation of “percentVariation”, from the current candle in the past of the chart, so it will repaint the whole indicator on each tick and therefore no need to reload it from time to time.

    I introduced a setting “BarsLimit” to fix how many volumes bars to be plotted in the past.


    For reference, just added the indicator into the library: Cumulative Volume ZigZag (live version)

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    Hello Nicolas,

    thank you very much!!! I will test this! Tks!

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