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    I have got this error in PRT when some positions get rejected every second, and the message is “position does not exist”. The system is started in ProOrder and I have 25 systems started, but I can start even more in demo as it says the ones that are bugged is under “stopping”. So I think it is a visual bug somehow that the systems are stopped but they still appear on running in ProOrder.

    I attached a file how it looks in orderlist.

    Anyone else have this same issue?


    Apprently my photo did not get attached. But do anyone have this issue and how do i fix it?


    So what I did now because I want the system still be running so I can track results is started them again as new. And Now I have 32 systems started in demo when max is 25.

    I hope they work on this problem already.

    Edit..: My photos are not getting attached, I dont know why.


    And no I can not stop the systems myself as the red button is grayish and not clickable.


    Seems to work to attach photos now so I will do this message to show first photo. Error msg: position does not exist. And this has been going on for days.


    YesI have same as you and I have more than 25 running in Demo due to the Stopping  not forming part of the count to max of 25.


    Are PRT staff aware of the problem and working on it?



    I suggest you send a report following to technical support just in case:

    • Go to the “Help” menu on the ProRealTime toolbar.
    • Click on “Help center”, then on “I have a technical problem”
    • Choose the category
    • Select the concerned window in the drop-down menu.
    • Explain the issue in the text box.
    • Click “Send report”

    Have a nice day


    Seems fixed now 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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