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    Hello all,

    After a lot of hard work :), I’m launching today the training videos for programming in English, available at this address: https://www.prorealcode.com/courses/training-program-introduction-programming-prorealtime/

    I decided to start from scratch starting with basic programming training, rather than directly introducing concepts that might seem inaccessible to some people right away. After almost 2 years spent answering a lot of questions on the forums and by email, it became clear to me that everything needed to be done to allow the greatest number to access the joys of programming 🙂 and therefore start with essentials and then move on to other levels.

    The main interest of doing the training here on the site is to be able to follow its progress thanks to the interface that I specially designed. You will be able to stop and return to a formation at any time by keeping track of what you have already seen or not in this one.

    To complete a training (for which it is completely finished), you will need to pass the final quiz test with a score higher than 80% of correct answers! A knowledge test is essential, otherwise what we learn in training can not be considered “acquired”.

    A scoreboard keeps track of your test performance and compares it with the other 100 best scores.


    Click here to go directly to the training videos: https://www.prorealcode.com/courses/training-program-introduction-programming-prorealtime/

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    The new ProRealTime training on advanced programming is now available in English!

    This second training program gives you a tour of advanced programming notions in the ProBuilder language with several concrete application examples.

    • The first lesson deals with loops and detections/getting values of variables in the past, in a dynamic way. Concrete examples looked at include: trend indicators, a “pattern” market screener wich looks for crosses of the moving average, trading signal indicator based on the MACD
    • Lesson 2: performing conditional tests in the past in a simplified way
    • Lesson 3: creation of an example trading strategy using elements of the programming learned in the previous 2 lessons
    • Lesson 4: reprogramming an oscillator, the TDI and extrapolation of its information to create a new “dynamic” personal indicator, detect divergences and display signals on the chart
    • Lesson 5: creation of a complete ZigZag indicator, detection of peaks and troughs of price, drawing lines between peaks and troughs with programming and programming a dynamic percentage of variation compatible with any instrument and time frame

    The training program is composed of 5 lessons broken down into 24 videos in which we train you in programming.

    Do not forget to take advantage of the first training program which is completely free and available here : Training program – Introduction to programming with ProRealTime

    After following these 2 training programs, thanks to the examples illustrated in each one, you will gain knowledge which will help you create your own advanced tools to detect opportunities and trading signal based on your own ideas.

    final “quizz” (composed of multiple choice questions) at the end of the training program will allow you to test what you have learned.

    Total duration of the training:4h20

    Click here to go directly to the training videos: https://www.prorealcode.com/courses/prorealtime-advanced-programming/

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    Thank you very much Nicolas! I was learning through reviewing other codes on this website, but these should be quite helpful.


    Hi ProRealCode,

    Is there a good video about PROORDER so i am able as a beginner to backtest my tradingideas?




    Hello Nicolas.

    Wanted to wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

    I’ve just finished ProRealTime training on advanced programming course and at the end Advanced programming – exercises I get blank page. As I understand its still not ready or its my browsers fault?


    Best regards,



    Great! when will it be available in Dutch? cant you translate these as well?


    These are all extremely helpful. The more I see of this, the more exciting it becomes. Thanks team.

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    Hello, i’m trying to do the final quiz test but the page does not load anything. I tryied on different browsers also, it’s my problem or not?

    Edit: i just saw that also @Bel has this problem


    Heyhey, I’m new, my name is Adelina, and I can’t wait to learn even more through these forums since I discovered that I could actually code my strategy instead of manually scalping (and running the risk of doing something stupid.

    I’m almost through the first set of videos and can’t wait to learn the next set of videos. I hope to learn a lot from everyone because I really like trading and learning how to program my strategies is only going to help me grow further I think ^^


    I’m keen on learning how to do this.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to produce these training vids.



    Hello, i’m trying to do the final quiz test but the page does not load anything. I tryied on different browsers also, it’s my problem or not?

    Edit: i just saw that also @Bel has this problem

    Yeah, wrote this error many days ago but never got a reply.





    I’m aware of this issue, I will fix it asap.

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    Just completed the advanced course and I say well done! really useful info from a technical programming point of view but also some good tips for the strategy development. Good Job!


    I noticed others talking about tests at end of chapter, but I never saw any quizzes, have they been scrapped?


    Hi there, I’m new,

    Is there a video or learning material on “Walk Forward testing” its understanding the results that I have a problem with.

    So, in-sample/out of sample 5, is that the best data to look at and its Variables, as it is the most recent data?

    Is it good that both in-sample and out of sample are both profitable?


    What is WF Efficiency?

    What would be the best results, +10, +100, + 500 or -10 -100, -500 ?


    Searching the forum for WALK FORWARD will return many useful links. Here are some:




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